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How to find us prof. dr. G. (George) Palasantzas

prof. dr. G. Palasantzas

Full Professor in Physics (Surface interactions and Nanostructures)

MY CONVICTION IN EDUCATION: "Make students feel home when they come in my class at UG"

Mathematical Physics / Bachelor 1st year. This module deals with more advanced topics from calculus: The first part is about sequences and series (limits of sequences, convergence of series), and second order differential equations (techniques to solve second order differential equations and application to atomic force microscopy). The second part is about basic introduction to Fourier analysis and a basic introduction to partial differential equations with an emphasis on applications in Physics (heat conduction, vibrations, Laplace and Poisson equation)

Electronics and Signal Processing  / Bachelor 2nd year. This course will give to students the basic knowledge and values in the area of electronics, signal analysis and system control in a way suitable for physics students. The students can discuss and analyse the knowledge of the course in a practicum research type environment.

Electronics for BMT students  / Bachelor 3rd year.  The course will give to the student knowledge of modern electronics, signal analysis, and system control both on a theoretical and practical level. Therefore, after following this course the students are able to reproduce and apply the knowledge about modern electronics circuits obtained in class not only to solve problems for the exam but also to analyze circuits in research type environment involving computer simulations of circuits with the professional LTSpice software package.

RATINGS OF MY CURRENT  Bachelor courses / As a team for each course we aim to achieve high ratings,  and thus to satisfy the very first reason why students to choose University of Groningen (UG) - Top quality education

Former courses I gave: Research Practicum (2 year Physics, 2000-2010), Calculus-2 (1 year Physics & Mathematics, 2013), Characterization of Nanomaterials - Scanning Probe Microscopy /Top masters in Nanoscience program (2005-2015)

Basic Qualification Education in RUG/NL (BKO)



  • Member of the program committee Physics
  • Member of the Exams committee Top Masters in Nanoscience



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