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Casimir and electrostatic forces from Bi2Se3 thin films of varying thickness

Excessive number of high asperities for sputtered rough films

Nanostructure and thermal power of highly-textured and single-crystal-like Bi2Te3 thin films

Nonlinear actuation of casimir oscillators toward chaos: Comparison of topological insulators and metals

Sensitivity of actuation dynamics on normal and lateral Casimir forces: Interaction of phase change and topological insulator materials

Tailoring Growth Kinetics toward a Size-Dependent Work Function of Ge Nanocrystals Synthesized by Inert Gas Condensation

Tunable wettability of polymer films by partial engulfment of nanoparticles

Weak adhesion between deposited rough films: Relation to dispersion forces

Adhered cantilevers: A new method to measure dispersion forces between rough surfaces at short distances

Applications of Casimir forces: Nanoscale actuation and adhesion

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