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University Medical Center Groningen

prof. dr. F.J. (Francjan) van Spronsen

pediatrician Inherited Metabolic Diseases
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+31 50 361 1036 (secretary Metabolic Diseases Pediatrics)
+31 50 361 4944 (secretary Patient Care Metabolic Diseases Pedicatrics)
+31 50 361 4944 (Center of Expertise for PKU and Tyrosinemia)


A Delphi Survey Study to Formulate Statements on the Treatability of Inherited Metabolic Disorders to Decide on Eligibility for Newborn Screening

Important Lessons on Long-Term Stability of Amino Acids in Stored Dried Blood Spots

Caring for Ukrainian refugee children with acute and chronic diseases

Communication of an Abnormal Metabolic New-Born Screening Result in The Netherlands: The Parental Perspective

Dietary Liberalization in Tetrahydrobiopterin-Treated PKU Patients: Does It Improve Outcomes?

Dietary treatment in Dutch children with phenylketonuria: An inventory of associated social restrictions and eating problems

Gut-microbiome composition in response to phenylketonuria depends on dietary phenylalanine in BTBR Pahenu2 mice

Meta-analyses of cognitive functions in early-treated adults with phenylketonuria

Metabolic control during the neonatal period in phenylketonuria: associations with childhood IQ

Neurocognitive outcome and mental health in children with tyrosinemia type 1 and phenylketonuria: A comparison between two genetic disorders affecting the same metabolic pathway

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Campagne vestigt aandacht op ernst en impact van metabole ziekten