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Artikel 921 van de Wet Franchise: een methode voor het vaststellen van drempelwaarden

Entrepreneurs’ Eudaimonic Well-being: Multiple Roads Lead to Rome

Who wants to be a franchisee? Explaining individual intentions to become franchisees

The Effectiveness of 'Picking the Winners' in Publicly Funded Consortia

Entrepreneurship and Well-Being: Accounting for the Heterogeneity of Entrepreneurs

Realizing Promised Innovations in Publicly Funded Consortia

How Do Franchisees Assess Franchisor Trustworthiness?

Management of franchising networks: Seven principles for fair franchise advisory councils

Nadere analyses met Koolstofarme Projecten: Tussentijdse Evaluatie Kennisontwikkeling en Innovatie binnen Operationeel Programma EFRO 2014-2020

They are jolly good fellows!: A framework for antecedents and consequences of peer trust in franchise networks

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