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Practical matters How to find us dr. E.P.M. (Evelien) Croonen

dr. E.P.M. (Evelien) Croonen

Assistant Professor
dr. E.P.M. (Evelien) Croonen

Franchising is a very powerful business strategy for both franchisors and franchisees. For franchisors, franchising can help in quickly replicating their business formats to different geographical locations. For franchisees, franchising offers the possibility to operate under tried-and-tested business formats. However, an important question is how franchisors and franchisees can successfully organize their franchise relationships and franchise networks? How can franchise partners successfully deal with strategy, innovation and strategic change in their franchise networks? How can franchisors and franchisees create mutual trust? 

In the past twenty years, we have worked on many different scientific projects related to the abovementioned topics. One very important starting point for us is that we include both franchisors' and franchisees' perspectives in our studies: franchising can only be successful if both franchise partners are successful. 

We cooperate with all relevant parties, such as franchisors, franchisees and franchise consultants. 

Evelien Croonen & Maryse Brand 

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