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drs. E.J. (Arjo) Bunskoeke

Head Isotope Laboratory Life Sciences
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+31 50 36 32410 (Note: phone will switch to mobile phone)
Reception desk Linnaeusborg:

E.J. Bunskoeke is coordinator/instructor for the folowing courses:


Radioisotopes in Experimental Biology

This is an english master course (5 ECTS) which is organized once in December. More information can be found on the usual university websites for master courses (Ocasys, Progress).


Radiation course RPO Dispersible Radioactive Substances D (selfstudy)

This course was previously also known as "Working with Isotopes" or the level 5B course. This course is mandatory if you want to work with radioactive materials at the university or the UMCG. The course consist of two days practical training (mandatory) and an exam. If you pass the exam you will receive an official certificate which is also signed by the Dutch Government. The course is scheduled several times per year, however not on fixed dates. The course is given in Dutch and English. You can find information about this course on the website of the Groningen Academy for Radiation Protection (GARP):


Other radiation courses

For other radiation courses one should check the website of GARP (or contact the Health, Safety & Environment department of the university). The webpages of GARP with information regarding the radiation courses (RPO) can be found here:

These courses are partly dutch only.
The practical training of these courses will be mainly in the Isotope Laboratory of Life Sciences (Linnaeusborg)

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