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Practical matters How to find us drs. E.J. (Arjo) Bunskoeke

drs. E.J. (Arjo) Bunskoeke

Head Isotope Laboratory Life Sciences
drs. E.J. (Arjo) Bunskoeke
+31 50 36 32410 (Note: phone will switch to mobile phone)
Reception desk Linnaeusborg:


Incomplete and irregular annual replacement of secondaries in Eurasian Golden Plovers, Pluvialis apricaria

Demography of Eurasian Golden Plovers Pluvialis apricaria staging in The Netherlands, 1949–2000

Goudplevieren en wilsterflappers: Eeuwenoude fascinatie voor trekvogels

Prey choice and search speed: Why simple optimality fails to explain the prey choice of Oystercatchers Haematopus ostralegus feeding on Nereis diversicolor and Macoma balthica

Seasonal changes in size selection and intake rate of Oystercatchers Haematopus ostralegus feeding on the bivalves Mytilus edulis and Cerastoderma edule

Subtle differences between male and female Oystercatchers Haematopus ostralegus in feeding on the bivalve Macoma balthica

Tidal changes in the choice of Nereis diversicolor or Macoma balthica as main prey species in the diet of the Oystercatcher Haematopus ostralegus

Why do Oystercatchers Haematopus ostralegus switch from feeding on Baltic tellin Macoma balthica to feeding on the ragworm Nereis diversicolor during the breeding season?

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