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Electronic health record implementation and healthcare workers’ work characteristics and autonomous motivation: a before-and-after study

Unpacking 'ideas' in creative work: A multidisciplinary review

Ambidextrous leadership: Opening and closing leader behaviours to facilitate idea generation, idea promotion and idea realization

De toekomst van werk: Impact van technologie op organisaties (deel 2)

Leading groups and teams towards innovation

De toekomst van werk: Impact van technologie op organisaties (deel 1)

Envisioning innovation: Does visionary leadership engender team innovative performance through goal alignment?

Group creativity

Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) and Innovation: A Test of Competing Hypotheses

What creative cognition and goal interrelations have in common? Personality as a common predictor

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Inspiration is not a Luxury (Mindwise blog)

Powering the Future? Mindwise blog

Moet je slim zijn voor een briljant idee?

Research mention: "Why Brainstorming Groups Kill Breakthrough Ideas (and What to Do Instead)"

Klopt dit wel? Je wordt creatiever door één glas alcohol.

The Creativity of Covfefe (blog)

Complex Conversations on a Train [blog]

One of the experts answering a question (on creativity) posed to the RUG for the 400-year lustrum

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