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Team Account Payable

Address:Blauwborgje 8
9747 AC Groningen
The Netherlands


Bartelds, T.
Administrator Accounts Payable
Boelens, J.U.
Administratief Medewerker Team Accounts Payable
Brink, M.T.
Front Office employee Service Desk FSSC
Elzinga, M.
Administrative Assistant Team Accounts Payable
Hollander-Nuus, J.
Administrative Assistant Accounts Payable
Huizinga, J.
Financieel Administratief Medewerkster (FB & CIT)
Jonkman, H.T.
Head Team Accounts Payable
Keshavarz-Moayedi, M.
Administrateur/Coördinator Accounts Payable
Meesters, G.
administratief medewerkster Team Accounts Payable
Nieuman-Luinstra, H.
Frontoffice employe FSSC
Partoleksono, E.K.
Administrative employee
Rudolphie-Bakker, E.M., BSc
Coördinator Team Accounts Payable & Coördinator Servicedesk FSSC
Tamminga, G.
Administrateur Accounts Payable
Zijlstra-Kuiper, M.J.
Front office employee Service desk FSSC
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