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PharmacoTherapy, -Epidemiology and -Economics

Address:Antonius Deusinglaan 1
9713 AV Groningen
The Netherlands


Bijker, ing. B.J.
Privacy and Security coordinator
Bijlsma, dr. M.J.
Assistant Professor of Precision Drug Therapy & Real World Evidence (TT)
Dijk, prof. dr. ir. C.E.M.J. van
Honorary professor Pharmacy Health Services Research
Feenstra, prof. dr. T.L.
Associate professor, economic evaluation of precision medicine
Hak, prof. dr. E.
Full professor of Pharmacoepidemiology / Educational director Pharmacy
Jansman, prof. dr. F.G.A.
hospital pharmacist-clinical pharmacologist
Kosterink, prof. dr. J.G.W.
Professor of Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy
Lambert, M.
PhD Candidate
Loonen, dr. A.J.M., PhD
Professor em. of pharmacotherapy in psychiatric patients
Mettes, Y.G.M.
Secretary Pharmacotherapy, Epidemiology and Economics
Puijenbroek, prof. dr. E.P. van
Professor of Pharmacovigilance
Roon, prof. dr. E.N. van
Clinical pharmacologist Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden
Taxis, prof. dr. K.
Professor of Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacy
Vos, dr. S. de
Postdoctoral researcher
Wang, Y., Dr. PhD
Postdoctoral researcher

PhD students

Cahyaningsih, I.
PhD student
Damhof, drs. M.A.
PhD student
Li, F.
PhD student
Li, X.
PhD student
Mitrovic, D., MSc
PhD student
Ochi, T.
PhD student
Ojik, A.L. van
PhD student
Robiyanto, R.
PhD student
Rollema, C.
PhD student
Rozema, J.
PhD student
Torre, C.O., MSc
PhD student
Weesie, Y.M.
PhD student
Zhou, G.
PhD student
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