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Undergraduate school of Science and Engineering

Address:Nijenborgh 9
9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands


Alberts, N., MSc
Coordinator Science Support Desk
Beljaars, dr. E.
Lecturer at the dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy (Pharmacy)
Biegun, dr. A.K.
RFF/Lecturer, Supervisor, Coordinator and Tutor
Blijleven, dr. J.S.
Lecturer Physics practicals
Boode, dr. J.M.C.
Trainer Intercultural Competences
Brijan, J.W.A., PhD
Lecturer / Project manager
Busman, ing. S.
Lab support officer
Daumerie, drs. E.
Trainer Intercultural Competences
Dolfing, dr. ir. R.
Curriculum Developer and Teacher Trainer in Science & Engineering Education
Eynde, S. van den, MSc
Curriculum developer
Groefsema, M., BSc
Education Assistant Robotics
Heij, dr. M.E. de
Projectmanager Outreach
Houwerzijl, R.S.S.
Practicumcoordinator Linnaeusborg
Jonge, drs. R.M. de
Head of Science LinX
Klein, R., PhD
Klein-Douwel, dr. R.J.H.
Docent Experimental Physics / Coordinator Physics Practical Laboratory
Laan, ir. J.E. van der
Teacher Educator Physics
Onderwater, dr. ir. C.J.G.
Director School of Science and Engineering
Ree, drs. C.M.
Coordinator Science Shop, lecturer Science & Society
Ribas Gomes, dr. D.
Education/Research Officer
Strate, dr. H.J. van der
Coordinator Honours College FSE
Veldman, I.C., MA
Projectleader Science LinX
Vlek, dr. C.S.
Curriculum developer/teacher
Vos, E.M.
Secretary Science LinX, FSE
Yoder, B.A., MA
Head of Professionalization & Innovation in Education (PIE) Group
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