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How to find us

Education Support Centre

Address:Nijenborgh 9
9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands


Brouwer, N.M., MA
Degree Programme Coordinator Computing Science
Brugge, R.
Timetable Officer
Durenkamp, F.F.
Education Support Centre
Grit, C.
Secretary/Support officer
Hoenders, S.A., BA
Student Administration / Education Support Desk
Holkema, H.P.
Cluster Assistant Engineering/Physics
Hoorn, mr. drs. M.D. van
Coordinator Matching & Numerus Fixus (fixed quota)
Hulshof, M.A.
Student Administration (location UMCG/ADL1)
Jannink, E.M.J.
Data-analysis, BI-portal, Nestor, digital testing, video
Jannusch, M.L.
Admission Support FSE
Kimmenaede, A.C. van
Staff member Student Affairs Honours College FSE
Klein, L.
Academic advisor MSc Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN) & Biomedical Sciences (BMS)
Kruizinga, H.R.T.
Secretary Quality Assurance Education
Leeuw, M.J. de
secretary Pharmacy
Medema, drs. L.
Project Manager Early Warning Signals / Learning Analytics FSE
Meyer, K.
Staff member Student Administration FSE
Middelburg, T.A., MSc
Academic Advisor and coordinator Honours College FSE and coordinator HTSM Master
Mollema, P., MSc
Early Warning Signals & Learning Analytics
Pander, J., MSc
Degree Programme Coordinator Behavioural Cognitive Neurosciences / Biomedical Sciences
Pheifer, R.
Admission Support FSE
Roukema, M.J.
Student Administration and Desk
Sulter, dr. G.J.
study progress advisor
Ubels, I.
Secretary ESC, location ADL
Veldhuis, G.R.
Timetable Coordinator FSE
Vos-Tiben, L.
Project assistant - Teaching Academy Groningen
Vries, G.M.C. de
Student Administration & Desk
Weerd, Y. van der
Secretary Admissions Board Bachelorprogrammes/ Admissions (Liaison) Officer
Werink-Ongering, G.C.
Contact person (FSE) for Progress.Net, Progress Portaal and Ocasys coordinator
Witham, S.S.
Staff member Student Administration FSE
Zwier, R.A.
Timetable Officer


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