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Education Support Centre

Address:Nijenborgh 9
9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands


Berkel, A. van, MSc
International Relations Officer
Bijlsma, drs. C.A.M.
Degree Programme coordinator Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Boneschansker-Westers, dr. L.
Degree programme coordinator bachelor and master Pharmacy
Bos, N.
Degree programme coordinator Physics, Applied Physics and Astronomy
Brugge, R.
Timetable Officer FSE
Bueving, M.
Support Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Buitendijk, J.J.
Officemanager ESC
Durenkamp, F.F.
Education Support Centre
Ekens, J.G.
Secretary BIO/MB/EE/BiMoS
Guo, D.
Academic Advisor MSc Artificial Intelligence & Human Machine Communication
Henkel, A., MSc
Academic Advisor
Hof, W.G.
Academic advisor
Horsting, N., MSc
Degree programme coordinator (Applied) Mathematics
Hulshof, M.A.
student administration office location ADL1 (BMS, MPS, BME, BCN and Pharmacy)
Jannink, E.M.J.
Data-analysis, BI-portal, Nestor, digital testing, video
Jannusch, M.L.
Admissions Support FSE / Student Administration
Jonge, drs. K. de
Degree Programme Coordinator Top Master Nanoscience and Master Energy and Environmental Sciences
Kaaij, dr. ir. R.M. van der
Academic Advisor BSc Artificial Intelligence and MSc AI & HMC
Kimmenaede, A.C. van
Staff member Student Affairs Honours College FSE
Klein, L.
Academic advisor bachelor/master Pharmacy, research master BCN
Klitzing, N.F.
Academic Advisor
Knevel, dr. I.C.
Degree programme coordinator Master's programme in Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Kohl-Menage, A., MSc
Degree programme coordinator Master in Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences (MPS) and Biomedical Sciences (BMS)
Kruizinga, H.R.T.
Secretary Quality Assurance Education
Kuiper, F., MA
Programme coordinator BSc Biology / Life Science and Technology | Board member YoungRUG
Mast, drs. C.
Head Academic Advisers FSE
Medema, drs. L.
Matching Coordinator and Project Manager Learning Analytics
Meulen, A. van der, MSc
Degree Programme Coordinator Artificial Intelligence and Human-Machine Communication, Numerus Fixus Coordinator Artificial Intelligence
Meulman, N., MA MSc
Degree programme coordinator Computing Science
Meyer, K.
Student Administration / Education Support Desk
Middelburg, T.A., MSc
Academic Advisor and coordinator Honours College FSE and coordinator HTSM Master
Mulder, drs. H.
Coordinator International Office FSE
Nederveen, M., MA
Academic Advisor Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Onrust, M.
Employability Officer FSE
Rambags, drs. N.I.C.
Head Education Processes
Reijnen, F., MSc
Degree programme coordinator Industrial Engineering and Management
Roukema, M.J.
Medewerker International Office
Roze-Busstra, drs. M.J.
Programme coordinator Biomedical and Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences
Schaafsma, drs. A.
Head of the Education Support Centre
Smit-Hobbs, J.M., MA
Academic Advisor Bachelor Artificial Intelligence
Snijders Vroegop-Rieks, N.
Team Leader Student Administration/Education Support Desk
Teuling, dr. ir. E.
Degree program coordinator Master EC and BCN
Tiben, L.
Secretary IEM
Timmeren, dr. M.M. van
Academic advisor Pharmacy
Udema-Rieks, C.
Secretary Top Master's Degree Programme Nanoscience and Master's Degree Programme Energy and Environmental Sciences
Vasse, G., MA MSc
degree programme coordinator
Venema, J.J.
Career Services FSE
Vonk, drs. R.V.
Programme coordinator Mechanical Engineering
Vries, G.M.C. de
General secretary ESC/Secretarial support Management Team ESC/Student Administration Office
Waslander, J.
Academic advisor BSc Industrial Engineering & Management
Weel, drs. C.E.M.
Academic advisor bachelors Biologie and Life Science & Technology
Zutphen, A.A. van
Assistant International Office
Zwier, R.A.
Timetable Officer
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