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Isotope Research

Address:Nijenborgh 6
9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands


Aerts-Bijma, A.T.
Research assistent/ PhD (employee)
Bintanja, prof. dr. R.
Professor Climate and Environmental Change
Bleeker, M.O.
Asset-Owner Safety & Security
Buma, prof. dr. A.G.J.
Emeritus professor and former Department head
Chen, H., Prof Dr
Associate Professor
Dee, M.W., Prof Dr
Associate Professor of Isotope Chronology
Dusek, U., Prof Dr
Associate Professor
Jong, L.N. de, BSc
Project Support Officer
Kers, B.A.M.
research assistent
Kuitems, dr. M.
Post-doc researcher
Mulder, ing. J.
Project Leader/ Research Technician
Palstra, dr. S.W.L.
14C researcher / Lab-coordinator
Paul, D., PhD
Scientific Engineer, Stable Isotope Laboratory
Peters, prof. dr. W.
Professor Atmospheric Composition Modeling
Richie, ing. R.R.
Database Programmer
Scheeren, dr. ir. H.A.
Researcher and lab coordinator
Timmermans, prof. dr. K.R.
honorary professor Marine Plant Biomass

PhD students

Liu, X.
PhD student
Sun, X.
PhD student
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