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D.J. (David) Langley, Prof

Full Professor

Some example project results:

A new framework of ‘the smartness of things’ to aid our understanding of artificial intelligence and hyper-connectivity. The framework shows how firms’ business models change as their products and appliances become imbued with smartness.

A model of how digital technology changes “institutional logic”, i.e. organizations’ belief systems and unwritten rules that shape their behaviour. The findings show that firms follow set patterns of strategic development in order to align the new digital logic with their traditional logic. These findings can help managers to understand how their strategy development can be guided in order to benefit from the opportunities that digital technologies bring about.

Modelled a flexible investment system, based on real options valuation (ROV), to include considerations of social and environmental impact. When firms invest in new technologies, uncertainty is high, and ROV allows managers to flexibly change the course of the investment as new information is obtained.

Demonstrated that social media use by people with a chronic healthcare condition can improve their relationships with doctors. As patients become more self-determining, their requirements from healthcare professionals shift away from wanting prescribed treatment decisions towards wanting coaching and collaborative decision making.

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