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MMP7 cleaves remyelination-impairing fibronectin aggregates and its expression is reduced in chronic multiple sclerosis lesions

GD1a Overcomes Inhibition of Myelination by Fibronectin via Activation of Protein Kinase A: Implications for Multiple Sclerosis

MAL Is a Regulator of the Recruitment of Myelin Protein PLP to Membrane Microdomains

Oligodendroglial membrane dynamics in relation to myelin biogenesis

Smuggling Drugs into the Brain: An Overview of Ligands Targeting Transcytosis for Drug Delivery across the Blood-Brain Barrier

The major myelin-resident protein PLP is transported to myelin membranes via a transcytotic mechanism: involvement of sulfatide

Transcriptional Expression of Myelin Basic Protein in Oligodendrocytes Depends on Functional Syntaxin 4: a Potential Correlation with Autocrine Signaling

Inclusion of the helper lipid dioleoyl-phosphatidylethanolamine in solid lipid nanoparticles inhibits their transfection efficiency

Regulation of cell proliferation by nucleocytoplasmic dynamics of postnatal and embryonic exon-II-containing MBP isoforms

Sulfatide-mediated control of extracellular matrix-dependent oligodendrocyte maturation

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