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How to find us prof. dr. ir. C. (Chris) Smit

prof. dr. ir. C. Smit

Associate Professor in Ecologie en Natuurbeheer

Involved in the following BSc & MSc courses (Ecology and Evolution): 

- BSc: Ecological Interactions 

- BSc: Research Skills Ecology & Evolution (former Flora & Fauna course) (coordinator)

- BSc: Research Course Community Ecology

- MSc: Conservation Ecology Practices (coordinator)

Titles of finished and ongoing MSc research projects  (Ecology and Evolution). Please contact me ( when interested in these or related themes for your MSc project:

Tirza Moerman: “The interplay between grazing and elevation affected soil fauna abundance in Lauwersmeer” March 2021

Josefien Tankink: “The  influence of variation in human disturbance on antipredator behaviour in ungulates”. March 2020 (ongoing).

Krissie van den Heuvel: “Impacts of wolves and humans on ungulates at the Veluwe”. March 2020 (ongoing)

- Jagua Lamfers: “Domestic cats at Schiermonnikoog”. March 2020 (ongoing)

Denise Roffel SBP internship, Invasieve exoten in Noord-Nederlandse moerassystemen: beheer, beleid en bestrijding. July 2020

Maaike van Bodegom SBP internship, water holding capacity and peat building in the Onlanden. Oct 2020

Bernhard Budin: “Juniper fitness and Aluminum toxicity” May 2020

Esther van Swankhuizen: “Behavioural responses of deer to tree logs in a human dominated area” April 2020

Joe Churchill: “What makes an ecosystem tick? How two invertebrates respond to altered ungulate behavior through human disturbance in the landscape of fear ticks and fear” Jan 2020

Jelle Wichers: “Geese behaviour towards human disturbance in Svalbard” July 2019 (with Maarten Loonen)

Frank Luijckx: “Behavioural response of deer to human disturbance at the Veluwe” July 2019

- Evert Lambers: “Impacts of human disturbance and hunting on deer behaviour and browsing at Veluwe”. April 2018.

- Sterre Koops: “Towards more Ecology at the Zernike complex”. Dec 2018

- Sanne Moedt: “Effects of geese on high arctic ponds”. July 2018 (with Maarten Loonen)

- Annabet Galema: “Evaluatie N2000 beheerplan Groote Wielen.” July 2018.

- Christina Lijclama a Nije: “Making a new house feel like home: Optimal foraging movements and behaviour in introduced African ungulates”. May 2017 (ongoing, with Frank Langenvelde, WUR).

- Sanne Moedt: “Effects of geese on high arctic ponds”. April 2017 (ongoing, with Maarten Loonen)

- Jelle Wichers: “The impact of wolves on meso-predator activity in the BiaƂowieza Primeval forest”. March 2017 (ongoing)

- Koen Brouwer: “Fear of humans? Effect of human disturbance on tree regeneration”.  Feb 2017 (ongoing)-

- Maarten Doornkamp: “Water soldier (Stratiotes aloides) as morphology as indicator for success of the green hawker (Aeshna viridis)”. April 2017 (with Christophe Brochard).

- Sanne Moedt: “Food availability for breeding birds (Meadow Pipits) on a high salt marsh with different grazing treatments”. March 2017.

- Marjanne Havinga: “How do Dutch deer react to predator cues?”. Feb 2017

- Jesse Jorna: “Summer abundance of arctic arthropods; relations to environmental and vegetation changes”. Nov 2016 (with Maarten Loonen).

- Erik van Haeringen: “Long-term impacts of geese and hare grazing on vegetation dynamics along successional salt marsh gradient”. Dec 2016.

- Wypkelien van Guldener, July 2016. “Effects of different grazing regimes on voles in the salt marshes of Noard- Fryslân Bûtendyks”.  

- Charis Döring, Jan 2016 (University Hamburg/ RUG). “Impact of the mound building common yellow ant Lasius flavus on vegetation diversity, plant composition and soil conditions in salt marshes”. 

- Jildou Schotanus, Oct 2015. “Ecology of fear in closed canopy forest in Bialowieza National Park, Poland”. 

- Mark Eerkens, Aug 2015. “Facilitation as driver of evolutionary adaptation under increased environmental stress”.  

- Martijn van der Ende, Jan 2015 (VU/RUG). “Behaviour,  habitat  use  and  prey  preference  of feral  cats  during  the  breeding  season  of  ground nesting birds on Schiermonnikoog”. 

- Kasper Eising, Dec 2014. “The effects of drought and grazing pressure on the physiology and morphology of the protégé species Anthyllis cytisoides in SE Spain”.  

- Aron te Winkel, Dec 2014. “Plant-plant interaction and local adaptation in a grazed salt marsh”.

- Nieck Kromkamp, July 2014. “Recruitment limitation of Juniper in Drenthe”.  

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