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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. C.M. (Kees) de Glopper

prof. dr. C.M. (Kees) de Glopper

Professor of Speech Communication and Discourse Analysis (briefly: Discourse Studies)
prof. dr. C.M. (Kees) de Glopper

Kees de Glopper gives courses in the Bachelor and the Master of the Dutch Language and Culture programme. Next to this, he also provides a courses in the MA of Communication and Information Sciences. Below follows a closer description of each course.

Dutch Language and Culture

Language Development Skills (Bachelor second year)

In this course students acquire knowledge of and insight in the development of both oral and written language skills of children, the psychological and social factors that influence their skills, and the possibilities to stimulate and steer development. Next to this, students acquire skills in answering questions about children’s language and literacy development by giving an oral presentation that is based on a search of the international research literature.

Methodology (Bachelor second year)

The objective of the module is to acquire understanding of the methodology of research within the several sub-disciplines of Dutch Studies. The course addresses similarities and differences in the distinctive research methods that are used in literary research, linguistics and discourse studies. Themes are: interpretation and contextualisation in literary research, development and testing of models in linguistics, empirical methods of research into language use.

Research course Text processing, text production and language skills (Master)

This research course focuses on academic writing skills. Students develop their skills in quantitative or qualitative research by studying writing processes and writing products of university students. Writing tasks, draft versions, comments of teachers and/or co-students, tutor conversations, revised texts and writing processes are being studied, according to questions that the students have to formulate themselves. In the course students can use software for the registration of key strokes. Text analysis of writing products can also be part of the course.

Communication and Information Sciences

Document Design (Master)

The main objective of this course is the analysis and improvement of texts that function in the internal and external communication of organizations. The course deals with the design and evaluation of persuasive and instructional texts. Course topics are: theories about persuasive and instructional texts, methods for the design and evaluation of persuasive and instructional texts, and the professional practice of document design. The course aims to integrate theory and practice. Practical questions are being answered with the help of theory and research methods.

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