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prof. dr. C. Jedan

Professor of Comparative Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

Current research focus:

Cultures of Consolation

On the History and Prospects of Argumentative Consolation for Death

The project inquires into a long-ranging, but currently undervalued tradition: to console for death by means of arguments, persuasive speech acts aimed at putting the loss into perspective and thus attenuating or overcoming grief. There is a rich history ofargumentative consolationin Western philosophy and theology. Philosophers and theologians have offered such persuasive speech acts, pointing, for instance, at the life of the deceased as being in key aspects ‘fulfilled’ or ‘complete’.

The project seeks to investigate whether the history of argumentative consolation still offers an important perspective and one that ought to be re-instated today. It is premised on the hypothesis that the old consolatory arguments stemming from Greco-Roman philosophy and Christian theology contain important ideas about what it means for a life to be ‘complete’ or ‘fulfilled’.

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