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C. (Christoph) Jedan, Prof

Professor of Ethics and Comparative Philosophy of Religion

Current projects:

(1) What is consolation, and why do we need it?

The project inquires into the long-ranging, but currently undervalued tradition of consolation. There is a rich history of ‘argumentative consolation’ in Western philosophy and theology. Philosophers and theologians have offered such persuasive speech acts, pointing, for instance, at the life of the deceased as being in key aspects ‘fulfilled’ or ‘complete’.

Starting out from theological and philosophical sources, the project studies fields such as material heritage and contemporary grief therapy. The underlying assumption of the project is that research into the history of ideas has real-life impact and can generate specific proposals for policy.


(2) Cemeteries and Crematoria as public spaces of belonging in Europe: a study of migrant and minority cultural inclusion, exclusion and integration (HERA [EU] funded) 

The project examines cemeteries and crematoria ‘gardens’ as public spaces of social inclusion, exclusion and integration, with a particular focus on migrant and Established Minority experience, needs and provision, and how these intersect with established practices in the North West of Europe.


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