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Mirroring and switching authoritative personae: A ventriloquial analysis of shareholder engagement on carbon emissions

Tailor-to-Target: Configuring Collaborative Shareholder Engagements on Climate Change

The Impact of Sustainable Investing: A Multidisciplinary Review

The Politics of Reactivity: Ambivalence in corporate responses to corporate social responsibility ratings

Reactivity to sustainability metrics: A configurational study of motivation and capacity

Sustainability Centres and Fit: How Centres Work to Integrate Sustainability Within Business Schools

Can Wall Street Save the World? Organizations, Investors, and the Sustainable Development Goals

Fit or Friction: The Role of Sustainability Centres in Integrating Sustainable Business Education

One Size Fits All? A Configurational Study of Collective Shareholder Engagement on ESG Issues

How ESG Engagement Creates Value for Investors and Companies

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