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Handboek Sekse- en Gendersensitieve geneeskunde: COPD

3D Fibrotic Lung Extracellular Matrix Hydrogels Trigger Pro-Fibrotic Responses in Primary Lung Fibroblasts

4-Iodopyrimidine labeling reveals nuclear translocation and nuclease activity for both MIF and MIF2

Explaining the polarized macrophage pool during murine allergic lung inflammation

Fibroblast-seeded lung extracellular matrix (ecm)-derived hydrogels as an in vitro model for stromal bed in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (ipf)

Highway to heal: Influence of altered extracellular matrix on infiltrating immune cells during acute and chronic lung diseases

Macrophage migration inhibitory factor family proteins are multitasking cytokines in tissue injury

Osteoprotegerin Expression in Liver is Induced by IL13 through TGFβ

RANKL confers protection against cell death in precision-cut lung slices

Substrate stiffness engineered to replicate disease conditions influence senescence and fibrotic responses in primary lung fibroblasts

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Already inhaled synthetic fiber today?

Chemikalien und Mikroplastik Heute schon Kunstfaser inhaliert?

Déjà inhalé de la fibre synthétique aujourd’hui ? – .

Hoe duurzaam zijn de voetbaltruitjes van onze Rode Duivels?

Autobanden grootste bron van microplastics, en die komen in het lichaam terecht

Autobanden grootste bron van microplastics, en die komen in het lichaam terecht

Gezondheidseffecten microplastics

74% van de Nederlanders maakt zich boos over de slechte kwaliteit van fast-fashionkleding

Microplastics in cosmetics

Je ademt je trui in en dat is slecht voor je gezondheid: het gevaar van plastic microvezels

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