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D-dopachrome tautomerase contributes to lung epithelial repair via atypical chemokine receptor 3-dependent Akt signaling

Gene therapy strategies for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: recent advances, current challenges, and future directions

Macrophage-stroma interactions in fibrosis: biochemical, biophysical, and cellular perspectives

Proteolysis Targeting Chimera (PROTAC) for Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) Has Anti-Proliferative Activity in Lung Cancer Cells

Regulation of Cellular Senescence Is Independent from Profibrotic Fibroblast-Deposited ECM

Single Cell Reactomics: Real-Time Single-Cell Activation Kinetics of Optically Trapped Macrophages

The potential of biomarkers of fibrosis in chronic lung allograft dysfunction

Genetic regulation of gene expression of MIF family members in lung tissue

Osteoprotegerin Is more than a Possible Serum Marker in Liver Fibrosis: A Study into Its Function in Human and Murine Liver

Prenatal smoke exposure dysregulates lung epithelial cell differentiation in mouse offspring - Role for AREG-induced EGFR signaling

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Synthetic fibers account for nearly 92 percent of microplastics in sea water

Microfibers from clothes can damage lungs and slow COVID-19 recovery

Mikroplastik Bisa Persulit Proses Penyembuhan Pasien COVID-19

Synthetic clothing could pose recovery risk to Covid patients, scientists warn

Veel gebruikte Chinese coronawisser is mogelijk schadelijk

Veelgebruikte Chinese coronawisser is mogelijk schadelijk

Podcast Kleding en de plastic soep(lucht)

Groot alarm bij de bloedbank: alweer een zak vol zwarte deeltjes

Breathing in tiny plastics from tyres and clothes may be slowly killing us all

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