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A scoping review of systemic interventions against domestic violence in the Netherlands: Practice, proof, and perspectives

Age differences in hedonic adaptation to societal restrictions? Positive and negative affect trajectories during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in 33 nations

Concern with COVID-19 Pandemic Threat and Attitudes Towards Immigrants: The Mediating Effect of the Desire for Tightness

Correction: Politicization of COVID-19 health-protective behaviors in the United States: Longitudinal and cross-national evidence

COVID-19 stressors and health behaviors: A multilevel longitudinal study across 86 countries

Emotion dynamics in children and adolescents: A meta-analytic and descriptive review

Folk Classification and Factor Rotations: Whales, Sharks, and the Problems With the Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology (HiTOP)

Intentions to be Vaccinated Against COVID-19: The Role of Prosociality and Conspiracy Beliefs across 20 Countries

Interdependencies between family and friends in daily life: Personality differences and associations with affective well-being across the lifespan

Personality Traits of Special Forces Operators: Comparing Commandos, Candidates, and Controls

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Kabinet kent ruim € 142 miljoen voor wetenschappelijk toponderzoek toe

Millions for scientific research into stress: Quite Unique on this Scale

Do people in their twenties delay adulthood compared to previous generations?

Performance Pressure: This is not the first generation with difficulties


Student and well-being: The corona generation

The Time of Our Lives? Students’ Mental Health in 2022 (UG Well-being Weeks)

Coaching of Personnel Potential

Persistent anxiety disorders: who is most at risk?

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