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Childhood abuse and neglect and profiles of adult emotion dynamics

Disorders of Personality

Emotion and Personality

Evolutionary Perspectives on Personality

Mixture multilevel vector-autoregressive modeling

Motives and Personality

Personality expression in body motion dynamics: An enactive, embodied, and complex systems perspective

Personality Psychology: Summary and Future Directions

Stress, Coping, Adjustment and Health

The interacting partner as the immediate environment: Personality, interpersonal dynamics, and bodily synchronization

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Optimism can be Learned

Extravert or Introvert?


Optimism can be Trained: Happy in Unhappy Times

The Relationship Between Owner And Dog Anxiety

Daylight saving time starts this weekend, and our biological clock doesn’t like that

Summertime starts this weekend, and our biological clock does not like that

The Power of Optimism: Discovering the Benefits and Science Behind a Positive Mindset

Can you train yourself to be more optimistic?

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