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Binding of the Dual-Action Anti-Parkinsonian Drug AG-0029 to Dopamine D-2 and Histamine H-3 Receptors: A PET Study in Healthy Rats

Dose-response assessment of cerebral P-glycoprotein inhibition in vivo with [ 18 F]MC225 and PET

Image derived input function to perform non-invasive quantitative analysis of myelin imaging with [11C]MeDAS PET

Impact of an Adenosine A2A Receptor Agonist and Antagonist on Binding of the Dopamine D2 Receptor Ligand [11C]raclopride in the Rodent Striatum

Investigation of image-derived input functions for non-invasive quantification of myelin density using [11C]MeDAS PET

Pharmacokinetic Modeling of [11C]GSK-189254, PET Tracer Targeting H3 Receptors, in Rat Brain

Quantitative assessment of myelin density using [C-11]MeDAS PET in patients with multiple sclerosis: a first-in-human study

Studying Telmisartan Plasma Exposure, Kidney Distribution, Receptor Occupancy, and Response in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Using [C-11]Telmisartan

[18F]MC225 PET for the dose-response assessment of tariquidar inhibition of blood-brain barrier P-glycoprotein function in vivo

Amyloid burden quantification depends on PET and MR image processing methodology

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