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Hybrid metamaterials combining pentamode lattices and phononic plates

Accordion-like metamaterials with tunable ultra-wide low-frequency band gaps

Spider web-structured labyrinthine acoustic metamaterials for low-frequency sound control

Visco-elastic effects on wave dispersion in three-phase acoustic metamaterials

Mode Excitation Efficiency for Contour Vibrations of Piezoelectric Resonators

Flexural edge waves in semi-infinite elastic plates

Normal waves in elastic bars of rectangular cross section

3D Printed Graphene Piezoresistive Microelectromechanical System Sensors to Explain the Ultrasensitive Wake Tracking of Wavy Seal Whiskers

A focused review on three-dimensional bioprinting technology for artificial organ fabrication

Full-Gradient Optimization of the Vibroacoustic Performance of (Non-)auxetic Sandwich Panels

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