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dr. A.O. (Anastasiia) Krushynska

Assistant professor

  1. Programmable and automated design of active cellular metamaterials (funded by the CSC Ph.D. fellowship program)
  2. Metamaterial grippers integrated with flexible electronic sensors for grasping modulation (funded by the COLCIENCIAS Ph.D. fellowship program)
  3. Metamaterial facial implants with reduced stress-shielding effect (funded by the Boeringstichting and UMCG funds)
  4. Developing and modeling metamaterial-based personalized medical devices (funded by the EU SNN JTF-call 22 voor grote kennis- en valorizatieprojecten)
  5. Design and active vibration control of lattice sandwich nonlinear MR metamaterial structure (funded by the CSC Ph.D exchange fellowship program)
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