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How to find us dr. A.M. (Aurora Marijke) Martin

dr. A.M. (Aurora Marijke) Martin

associate professor
dr. A.M. (Aurora Marijke) Martin
+31 50 36 36093 (office)
+31 50 36 33607 8 (secretariat Arts and Culture)
+31 6 1500 7001 (mobile)

Research interests

Period: late 18th Century till now.

* non-Western regions (Bogotá, Medellín, Nairobi, Accra, Central Europe/Czech Republic)

* transmutation of urban models and typologies, as a result of transfer and exchange

* Civic Culture (discourse) 

* imagining/reflecting on the city, in Art, Fiction, Documentaries, Cinema, Non-fiction

* cartography as a vehicle for nation and democracy building.


The concept and planning of public native housing estates in Nairobi/Kenya, 1918–1948

Building a new Community: A Comparison between the Netherlands and Czechoslovakia

Proximity, Crime, Politics and Design: Medellin's Popular neighbourhoods and the Experience of Belonging

Bogotá: El renacer de una ciudad

Het ongrijpbare alledaagse

La ciudad como construcción física y mental: Bogotá

De schizofrene stad

Schiphol, eindstation van de Nederlandse planningstraditie

Wiel Arets. Live/Life en Progetti/Projects

Hejduk's Wall House # 2 realised in Groningen

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