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dr. A.M. Martin

associate professor

Curriculum Vitae Aurora Marijke Martin

Associate professor in History of modern/contemporary Architecture and Urbanism, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.


1997 PhD ‘Birth of the modern City, spatial transformations in Maastricht 1650-1905’ Supervisors: Prof. Dr.  E.R.M. Taverne (University of Groningen) & Prof. dr. F. van Voorden (Technical University Delft)

1978 – 1986  MA in History of Architecture, University of Groningen, the Netherlands

1984 – 1986 Researcher at Institut Français d'Architecture, Paris, France (supervision Bruno Fortier)



Native: Dutch | Fluent: English, French (German)

Passive: Spanish



Since 1991: responsible for content, format and organisation of a diverse range of course units in the field of architecture and town planning (history) at all levels of the academic curriculum; organisation of various (student) exhibitions; involved with the reorganisation of Ba and Ma curriculums; responsible for the organisation of international summer schools, congresses and seminars. 

2019 (Summer)   Co-organizer Summer School ‘Urban Strategies for health Promotion’ at University of Groningen

2019 (Jan)            Fieldwork Vienna National Archives (cartography research)     

2017 (Jun)            Organizer Summer School ‘Traumatized Cities: Narratives, Cartographies and Recovery Strategies’, together with University of Antioquia and National University of the City of Medellín/Colombia.

2016 - now           Lecturer ‘Imagining the City’, at University College Groningen.

2016 (Sep)           International Exchange mission to University of Antioquia, Medellín/Colombia, on behalf of University of Groningen/Humanities.

2016  (Apr)           Visiting professor at Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin/Colombia

2016                      Fieldwork/research public native housing estates in Accra/Ghana and Lomé/Togo.           

2015                       Visiting Lecturer at dept. of Architecture History and Theory, Technical University Delft

2015 – now          Collaboration (formal contract) with Dutch Alliance for Sustainable Urbanism in Africa (DASUDA), Amsterdam.

2015 - 2017          Coordinator exhibition ‘Groningen, Life of a City’, at Groninger Museum, together with UCG (scheduled 2018)

2015                      BKO (Basis Kwalificatie Onderwijs / Basic Education Qualification)

2014                      Fieldwork public housing estates for native Africans in Nairobi/Kenya                   

2012 - 2013          Visiting professor at Architectural Institute of Prague (Archip), Prague/Czech Republic.    

2008 - 2009          Research sabbatical in Berlin 2008 - 2009

2008 - now           Associate professor History of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Groningen

2007                      Adaptation Bogotá exhibition on behalf of ARCAM, Amsterdam

2006                      Co-curator exhibition ‘Bogotá, From Chaos to Meta-City, Xth Architecture Biennale, Venice

2004 - 2007          International exchange missions to- and guest lectures in Bogotá/Colombia (Universidad Nacional, Universidad Los Andes)

1992 - 2008          Assistant professor History of Architecture and Urbanism, Department of Art History, University of Groningen

1991 - 1992          Lecturer History of Architecture, Department of Art History, University of Groningen

1988 - 1991          Secondment at Department of Town Planning and Heritage, city of Maastricht, working on the Structure Analysis of Maastricht project as part of the dissertation research

1987 - 1988          Post-graduate researcher at Institut Français d'Architecture, Paris, working on Bruno Fortier’s La metropole imaginaire. Un Atlas de Paris, XIXeme siècle

1986 - 1987          Post-graduate researcher at Centre de Recherche d´Architecture et d’Urbanisme, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

1986                      Co-curator exhibition “Paris, architecture urbaine”, Stichting Wonen Amsterdam


2016 -                    Member Education Committee Master Arts & Culture

2015 - 2016          Member Executive Board dept. Art and Architecture History

2013 - 2015          Chairman of Education Committee dept. Art and Architecture History

2012 - 2016          Head of the section Architecture and Urban History

2008 – 2016         Coordinator internationalization dept. Art and Architecture History.

2007 - 2008          Chairman of Executive Board dept. of Art and Architecture History

2005 – 2007         Secretary of Executive Board dept. of Art and Architecture History

2005 – 2006         Chairman Executive Board Research Master Art History & Archeology


FUNCTIONS outside U. of GRONINGEN (selection):

2016 –                   Framing + implementation of future Special Chair in Architecture at University of Groningen/Technical University Delft (Architecture) on behalf of Ir. Abe Bonnema Stichting (chairman Ed Nijpels)

2015 - 2017          Member Central Welstand (Beauty) Committee of the Province of Friesland

2014 - 2016          Member of Jury for Abe Bonnema Prize (€50.000)

2011                      Member of Jury for the most sustainable building in the municipality of Leeuwarden

2010                      Member of Jury for Gouden Oldenhove, prize for best building in the city of Leeuwarden

2010                      Member of Jury for best building in the municipality of Almere

2007                      Member of Jury Karel van Manderprijs (best publication in Art History)



2014/2016            Research Proposal at Dutch Foundation for Scientific Research NWO (together with Cor Wagenaar) ‘Health and the City. A critical survey of the health effects of architectural and urban interventions in cities   in Western and Central Europe, 1948-1989, (to be submitted again)

2015                      Horizon 2020 research proposal ‘War-landscapes (not successful)

2009 – 2011         Grant from the Dutch Stimuleringsfonds for the research project ‘Historic inner cities in the Netherlands’,

2009 – 2013         Supervision/matching of the TU Delft research project ‘A digital Research Environment for European Colonial Architecture and Urbanism’.

2006 – 2008         Personal Grant from Gratama Foundation for the purpose of Bogotá research (€ 7,000).

2006 – 2008         Grant from the Van Eesteren Foundation for the purpose of student’s research in Bogotá (€ 4500)

2005 – 2009         Individual Grant from Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) on ‘Changed Conditions: An Inquiry Into the Disappearance of 'Bildung' from Architecture’ (€ 148,000) 1965-2000’ (together with Noor Mens, (€ 85,000)

NB                          Different personal funds for fieldwork/research to (among others) Bogotá/Medellin (2004-2008), Nairobi (2014), Accra and Lomé (2016), Medellin (2016, 2017).  



PhD SUPERVISION (most recent)

2017 – 2021         Supervisor Pauline Bezemer: ‘Mapping the City: a comparative research into historic neighbourhoods in Sub-Saharan African cities’, University of Groningen.  

2013 – 2018         Supervisor Vera Damayanta: History and Cultural Values of a River Landscape; Banjarmasin River City, Indonesia’, University of Groningen.

2007 – 2012         Supervisor Luce Beeckmans: ‘Making the African city: Dakar, Dar es Salaam, Kinshasa, 1920-1980’, University of Groningen, in collaboration with Ghent University/Belgium)



2018 (Feb)            Session ‘Cultural-historical assessments as mediators for sustainable urban architectures.

A laboratory with case studies from Sub-Sahara Africa native dwelling estates’’ at International Urban Conference 2018 of African Centre for Cities, University of Capetown.

2017 (Jun)            ‘The Map and the Territory: a traumatic Affair’, lecture at Summer School ‘Traumatized Cities: Narratives, Cartographies and Recovery Strategies’, University of Antioquia, Medellín/Colombia

2016 (Sep)           Seminar (with dr. Eliana Martinez, National Faculty Public Health, Medellín) ‘Health and the City: reflections and Research methodologies’, Medellín/Colombia

2016 (Jul)             ‘Hybrid repair strategies for hybrid architectures. The case of Kaloleni, a 1940s neighbourhood in Nairobi/Kenya’, lecture at symposium Hybrid Architectures; Case studies on the African Continent, Centro de Investigacao Artistica, Lisbon/Portugal (20-23 July)

2014                      Keynote lecture ‘Similarities and differences in the planning of new housing estates in the Western welfare states and in the socialist countries in Central Europe’, at congress: Re-humanizing Architecture. New Forms of Community 1950-70, ETH Zürich/Switserland.

2013                      Lecture ‘Global tendencies, local identities’, at conference: New New Towns Africa, Nairobi/Kenia (supervised by International New Towns Institute).

2012                      Lecture ‘Post-trauma urban laboratories: tales of Bogota and Prague’, at Scientific Conference ‘[Re]appropriation of the City. Architecture as a tool for the re-appropriation of the contemporary City. Tirana Architecture Week, Polis University Tirana, Albania.

2012                      Lecture ‘Urban history from a health perspective; the case of Prague’, at congress: Healthy Cities: our environment as a medicament, University Medical Center, Groningen.

2008                      Organiser/chair "Migration/displacement and Dissemination of urban planning expertise in the mid 20th Century non-Western areas" at IXth International Conference on Urban History, Lyon.

2007                      Lecture ‘Architecture and the heritage of tomorrow’, at Conference Erasmus-Descartes 2007 'metropolises, megalopolises: history, urban planning and sustainable development', Maison Descartes Amsterdam

2007                      Lecture ‘Research in a post conflict city: Bogotá’, exhibition: the proud revival of a city, ARCAM Amsterdam

PUBLICATIONS (selection)

Books (selection)

  1. Martin (in publication), Bohemia’s urban Health offensive, narratives and representations.
  2. Martin, G. Martin, A. Escovar & Goossens M. (eds) (2007), Bogotá: El Renacer de una Ciudad, Bogotá (413 p.)
  3. Martin (2000), Opkomst van de moderne stad. Ruimtelijke veranderingen in Maastricht 1660-1905, Zwolle 2000 (288 p.)
  4. Martin & B. Jansen (1998), Stad vol gedachten. Maarten Schmitt stadsarchitect van Groningen, Groningen 1998 (96 p.)
  5. Martin (1998), Abe Bonnema Architect, Rotterdam (228 p.)
  6. Martin, C. Wagenaar & Welkamp A. (eds.) (1995), Mendini! Starck! De Lucchi! Himmelb(l)au! in Groningen!, Gent (199 p.)


Articles and congress papers (selection) 

Martin, ‘the Vysehrad Cemetery in Prague; a dramatic Symbol of 19th Century Czech Nation Building’, in: Groniek, Historical Review, January 2019 (in publication).

Martin & P. Bezemer (2018 in publication), ‘Concept and planning of public native housing estates in Nairobi and Accra,1918 - 1945, in: Planning Perspectives.

Martin & C. Wagenaar (2016), ‘Similarities and differences in the planning of new housing estates in the Western welfare states and the socialist countries in Central Europe’, in: J. Hopfengärtner, A. Moravanszky (eds), Humanizing Architecture, Birkhäuser/De Gruyter editors.

Martin & G. Martin (2015), ‘Proximity, Crime, Politics and Design. Medellin’s popular neighborhoods and the experience of belonging’, in: C. Klaufus & A. Ouweneel (eds), Housing and Belonging in Latin America, Berghahn Books, New York/Oxford, pp. 43 – 78.

Martin (2007), ´La Ciudad como Construcción Física y Mental: Bogotá´, in: G. Martin, A. Escovar, M. Martin, Goossens (eds), Bogotá: El Renacer de una Ciudad, Bogotá, p. 29-45.

Martin (2006) ‘Bogotá: From Chaos to Meta-City’ in: Fondazione La Biennale (production), Cities: Architecture and Society, Participating Countries, 10th Mostra Internazionale di Architettura / La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, 58-59.

Martin (2006) ‘De schizofrene stad’, in: Mieke Dings (red.), De Stad, Rotterdam, 331-349.

Martin (2002) ‘Schiphol, eindstation van de Nederlandse planningstraditie’, in: Victor M. Schmidt, Henk van Veen (eindred.), Polytptiek. Een veelluik van Groninger bijdragen aan de kunstgeschiedenis, Zwolle, 195-209.

Martin (2002) ‘Wiel Arets. Live / Life ' and 'Progetti / Projects’, in M. Faiferri, Wiel Arets Live / Life, Logos, Modena, 6-32 and 34-59.

Martin (2001) ‘The Citadel Park Secret Garden or Urban Nucleus?’, In: X. Costa (eds), Parc dela Ciutadella, Strange conditions, Mies  van der Rohe Chair 2000, Barcelona, 26-33.

Marijke Martin en Judith Smals ‘Tussen stilstand en reizen’ in: Marijke Martin en Judith Smals, Wall House #2, John Hejduk ,    Historische Uitgeverij Groningen, Groningen 2001, 13-78.

Marijke Martin, 'Hejduk’s Wall House # 2 realised in Groningen’, in: Architecture + Urbanism, 2001:12, nr. 375, Tokyo 2001, 102-110.



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