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How to find us dr. A.J. (Bert) Nijboer

dr. A.J. (Bert) Nijboer

University Lecturer, Coordinator Laboratory for Conservation and Material Studies


Een verwoest steenhuis: Hoogten en Leegten bij Dingen onder Baflo

Entanglements, elite prerogatives, migratory swallows, and the elusive transfer of technological know-how into the western Mediterranean, 1000–700 BC

Grave goods from Sveta Lucija (Slovenia) in Groningen (the Netherlands) Contextualising old study collections

Crustumerium in Context

Review: Agostinetti, Paola Piana (Ed.): Celti d’Italia. I celti dell’età di la Tène a sud delle alpi. Atti del convegno internazionale Roma 16-17 dicembre 2010. Roma: Giorgio Bretschneider 2017. XIV, 621 S. 45 Taf. (Biblioteca di ‘Studi Etruschi’. 59.)

The People and the State Project: Introduction

Review: Seth Bernard. 2018. Building in mid-Republican Rome: labor, architecture, and the urban economy. Oxford: Oxford University Press: 978-0-19-087878-8 £ 55

Across cultures: The introduction of iron in the western Mediterranean, 10th and 9th centuries BC

Around 1000 BC. Absolute dates for the Final Bronze Age - Early Iron Age transition in Italy: wiggle-match 14C dating of two tree-trunk coffins from Celano

Diversity in Death: a construction of identities and the funerary record of multi-ethnic central Italy from 950-350 BC

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De verloren kastelen van Noord-Groningen

Sind die alten Griechen noch viel älter?