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Over onsWaar vindt u onsdr. A.J. (Bert) Nijboer

dr. A.J. Nijboer

University Lecturer, Coordinator Laboratory for Conservation and Material Studies

Nijboer, Albertus Johannes

Date of birth: 28-04-1960

Nationality: Dutch


MA (1985) - University of Groningen (RUG)

  • major in Mediterranean Archaeology
  • minor  in Material Studies

BSc (1987) - University College London,  Institute of Archaeology

  • main subject: Conservation and Material Science

PhD (2-04-1998)

Title thesis: From Household Production to Workshops. Archaeological evidence for economic transformation, pre-monetary exchange and urbanisation in central Italy from 800 to 400 BC.

Promotor: Prof. dr. M. Kleibrink

Fields of interest

  • Archaeology of Italy from 1200 to 400 BC;
  • Orientalizing phenomenon in the Mediterranean during the Iron Age;
  • conservation;
  • chronology;
  • artefact studies;
  • trade;
  • early medieval archaeology;
  • fieldwork.


1984/1985;1985/1986: Niels Stensen Stichting, Amsterdam


As from December 1987: Dept. of Archeology (University of Groningen)

As from December 1987:Co-ordinator of the Laboratory for Conservation and Material Studies (LCM) of the Groningen Institute of Archaeology (University of Groningen)



  • Member of Departmental Board, Archaeology, University of Groningen
  • Member of Educational Advisory Board Archaeology
  • Coordinator International Exchange Students
  • Coordinator Library Groningen Institute of Archaeology
  • Member of Committee Scientific Information (EWI), Faculty of Arts
  • Editorial Board BABesch (till 2007)
  • Editorial Board Palaeohistoria (from 1999-2006)
  • Editorial Advisory Board “Beyond the Homeland: Markers in Phoenician Chronology
  • Member European Association of Archaeologists


  • Rijks­dienst voor Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek, Amersfoort.
  • Scheepsvaartmuseum Ketelhaven.
  • Centraal Laboratorium voor Onderzoek naar Voorwerpen van Kunst en Wetenschap, Amsterdam.
  • Conservation Department, British Museum, London.



  • 'Relatie Geologie en Archeologie' voor het Koninklijk Neder­lands Geologisch en Mijnbouwkundig Genoot­schap (K.N.G­.M.­G.).


  • 'Industry and Technology at Borgo le Ferriere <Satri­cum>, 700-300 B.C.' At 'Fifth Conference of Italian Archaeology held at Oxford', December 11-13.


  • 'The Role of Craftsmen in the Urbanization Process of Central Italy (8th. to 6th. centu­ries BC)' at Symposium `Urbanization in the Mediterranean in the 9th to 6th centuries BC, Institute of Archaeo­logy and Ethnolo­gy, Copenha­gen, 17-21 May.
  • Material Studies from Satricum (700-400 BC): Pottery and Metal Analyses' at 'Science and Archaeology Confe­rence', Harvard University, Cambrid­ge, MA, 14-17 October.


  • Het ontstaan van steden in centraal Italië tussen 800 en 400 v.Chr. bij Het Arnhems Ge­noot­schap.
  • Pre-monetary exchange and metrology; the scattered data from central Italy, 800 to 400 BC, at second congress of the European Asso­ciation of Archaeolo­gists (EAA) at Riga.


  • 'Regimes of Hoarding', 31 March at 4de Fransum Colloquium.


  • ‘Het ontstaan van stad en markt in Midden-Italië, 700 tot 400 v.Chr.’, 14 april, Werkgroep Stedengeschiedenis, Academiegebouw, Domplein 29, Universiteit Utrecht.
  •  ‘Aspects of Archaic Towns in Southern and Central Italy’, May 19-20, Colloquium ‘De Griekse Stad’, University Gent.
  •  ‘Social dynamics and craft specialisation in central Italy during the 7th to 5th centuries BC’, September 15-19, 5th EAA congress, Bournemouth.


  • Introduction during the ‘Colloque organisé par l’École française de Rome et le Centro Universitario Europeo per I Beni Culturali de Ravello; ‘L’artisanat Métallurgique dans les sociétés anciennes en Méditerranée Occidentale. Techniques, Lieux et Formes de Production’; May 6, 2000 at Ravello, Italy.
  • ‘Un nuovo punto di riferimento per la cronologia assoluta della prima Età del Ferro in Italia’; Convegno at Francavilla Marittima, Italy, September 10.


  • August 2, Nettuno at the close of the excavation from July 7 till August 4 at the military terrain ‘Il Poligono’ at Nettuno (Roma). ‘Nostro lavoro eseguito sulla costa del terreno militare di Poligono nelle quatro settimane scorso’
  • September 7 at Luik, UISPP Congres, ‘The Absolute Chronology of the Iron Age in the Western Mediterranean’.
  • September 21 at Esslingen am Neckar, EAA Annual Meeting, ‘Chronological discontinuities: the Iron Age in the Mediterranean’.
  • November 3 at Groningen, TMA Symposium, ‘Een debat over chronologiën’
  • December 14 at Groningen. GIA onderzoeksdag, ‘Historische gegevens zijn relatief bij het opstellen van een absolute chronologie voor de protohistorie’.


  • 22-26 April 2002 VU, 33rd International Symposium on Archaeometry. Presentation: “Fabrics of architectural terracottas and pottery from Satricum, central Italy, 6th – early 5th centuries BC”. Published on website:
  • “Jewellers’ workshops in context” during 1st SITOA Symposium, Madrid, 23-25 october.


  • 30-31 October, Congress: Oriente e Occidente: metodi e discipline a confronto. Riflessioni sulla cronologia dell'età del ferro italiana. Title lecture: La cronologia assoluta dell’età del Ferro nel Mediterraneo, dibattito sui metodi e sui risultati. Published in Conference Proceedings.
  • 25 November, Florence: XXXIX Riunione Scientifica dell’Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria. Materie prime e scambi nella Preistoria italiana. Title lecture: The organisation of production and the principles of exchange from the Late Bronze Age to the Archaic period. Published in the Proceedings of this Conference.


  • September, Lisbon
  • December Lille
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