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A. (Angela) Cristiano

PhD student
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PhD in Linguistics – University of Groningen
2022 – 2026
Supervisors: Professor Janet Fuller; dr. Remco Knooihuizen.
Title of the research project: “/s/ retraction in Neapolitan dialect and Neapolitan regional Italian: exploring a diaglossic continuum via a multi-methods sociophonetic investigation”.

Master’s Degree in Linguistics - Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna, Italy
2019 - 2022
Final grade: 110/110 cum Laude. Title of the thesis: “(r) in Heritage Calabrese Italian: Cross-generational nativeness”. Supervisor: Professor Gloria Gagliardi. Co-supervisor: Professor Naomi Nagy.

Preparation of Master’s Degree thesis abroad
October 2021 - December 2021
Research period at the University of Toronto (Canada), as an International Visiting Graduate Student, for the preparation of the Master’s Degree thesis. Local supervisor: Professor Naomi Nagy.

Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Literature - Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy
2016 - 2019
Final grade: 110/110 cum Laude. Title of the thesis: “Fenomeni di riduzione fonetica nel napoletano parlato” (“Phonetic reduction phenomena in spoken Neapolitan”). Supervisor: Professor Giovanni Abete.

Extra-curricular education:

  • LOT Winter School 2024 - Tilburg University (January 15th-19th 2024)
  • LOT Summer School 2023 - Utrecht University (July 10th-4th 2023)
  • Spring School on Language Variation - University of Bologna (May 15th-17th 2023)
  • Corpus Linguistics Summer School 2022 - University of Birmingham (July 4th-7th 2022)
  • Speech Matters - Lake Como School of Advanced Studies (May 16th-20th 2022)
  • IRS - Intensive Remote School 21/22 (January 24th-29th 2022)

Professional experience

Guest lecture for the “Phonetics & Phonology” course (2023/2024)
Dati, Metodi e Modelli per le Scienze Linguistiche (Data, Methods and Theoretical Models for Linguistics) Master’s Degree, University of Bologna.

Member of the organizational committee of the 43rd edition of TABU Dag
Conference held on June 15th – 16th 2023 at the University of Groningen, Netherlands.

Teaching of the crash course “Fonetica” (“Phonetics”) (2022/2023)
Professional Master’s Program in Clinical Linguistics, University of Bologna (Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies).

Collaborator on DILLo project (June 2021 – Ongoing)
Collaborator on the realization of the online resource for speech therapists DILLo - Database Italiano del Lessico per Logopedisti (“Italian Lexical Database for Speech Therapists”,

Research Assistant - HLVC project, University of Toronto (July 2019 - Ongoing)
Collaborator as Active Research Assistant on the HLVC project - Heritage Language Variation and Change, at the University of Toronto (

Curricular internship - Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna (June 2021 – September 2021)
Update of the synchronic corpus of written Italian CORIS ( Supervisor: Professor Fabio Tamburini.

Publications and presentations

Baird, A., Cristiano, A., & Nagy, N. (2021). Apocope in Heritage Italian. Languages, 6(3), 120.

Cristiano, A. (2023, November 14th). Neapolitan Italian across styles and people: the social meaning of /s/ retraction. [Paper presentation]. Social meaning in Berlin 2023, Leibniz-Centre General Linguistics & Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

Cristiano, A. (2023, October 6th). SHpeaking Neapolitan and speaking Italian: the social meaning of /s/ retraction. [Invited speaker]. CLCG colloquium, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

Cristiano, A. (2023, July 7th). SHpeaking Neapolitan or speaking Italian: the Neapolitan dialect and identity practices. [Workshop presentation]. Third wave sociolinguistics in the Netherlands, Meertens Institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Cristiano, A. (2023, March 31st). What’s Neapolitan and what’s Italian: Adapting sociolinguistic fieldwork techniques to diaglossic communities. [Poster presentation]. Sociolinguistics Circle 2023, Meertens Institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Cristiano, A., Nagy, N. (2022, November 10th-12th). (r) among Toronto’s Heritage Italians: maintaining language internal Homeland patterns. [Poster presentation]. WILA13, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States.

Cristiano, A., Nagy, N. (2022, October 13th-15th). Another (r): Variation and social meaning in Heritage Italian. [Conference presentation]. NWAV50, Stanford University, CA, United States.

LiVolsi, S., Cristiano, A., Nagy, N. (2022, August 8th). Modeling Italian variable apocope. [Workshop presentation]. Summer Phonology/Phonetics Forum 2022, University of Toronto, Canada.

CLUB DAY “ Una tesi in linguistica ” (“A thesis in Linguistics”) - June 14th 2022
Presentation of the Master’s Thesis at CLUB Day, organized by CLUB (Linguistics Circle of the University of Bologna).

Gagliardi, G., Usardi, N., Beccaria, F., Cristiano, A., Pisciotta, F., Galletti, F., Gregori, L., & Corsi, G. (2022, May 13th-14th). DILLo - Database Italiano del Lessico per Logopedisti. Uno strumento online per la riabilitazione del linguaggio (“DILLo - Italian Lexical Database for Speech Therapists. An online tool for language rehabilitation”). [Poster presentation]. Giornate CLASTA - 12th edition, Florence, Italy.

Skills and languages

- Basic knowledge of coding in Python
- Competent in the use of R
- Competent in the use of Praat
- Competent in the use of ELAN
- Basic knowledge of Audacity
- Good knowledge of the Office Package
- Competent in the use of basic tools for corpus linguistics (Xaira, regular expressions)

- Native speaker of Italian
- Native speaker of Neapolitan Italo-Romance dialect
- Excellent knowledge of English

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