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Coaching for Multidirectional Speed: Motor Learning Principles for Developing Sprint and Change-of-Direction Techniques for Performance and Injury Risk Mitigation

Comparing lab and field agility kinematics in young talented female football players: Implications for ACL injury prevention

Concurrent validation of the Xsens IMU system of lower-body kinematics in jump-landing and change-of-direction tasks

Definition of High-Risk Motion Patterns for Female ACL Injury Based on Football-Specific Field Data: A Wearable Sensors Plus Data Mining Approach

How to improve movement execution in sidestep cutting? Involve me and I will learn

Motor learning principles during rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament injury: Time to create an enriched environment to improve clinical outcome

Optimal and suboptimal video instructions change movement execution in young talented basketball players

Relationships Between Task Constraints, Visual Constraints, Joint Coordination and Football-Specific Performance in Talented Youth Athletes: An Ecological Dynamics Approach

Cocreating injury prevention training for youth team handball: bridging theory and practice

Concurrent validation of the Noraxon MyoMotion wearable inertial sensors in change-of-direction and jump-landing tasks

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Meiden FC Groningen trainen met speciaal pak voor minder kruisbandblessures

Grote zorgen om puber-voetbalsters: 'Er komt een tsunami aan knieletsel aan'

Topsport Topics Podcast S2#4: Motorisch leren en blessurepreventie