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Museum Het Hoogeland – A New Introduction

Aron Grooters & Daan Breithaupt

We're making a new introduction to the open air museum, covering the general history of Warffum & the Hoogeland region. The focus will be on life in the 19th century. We will look to find multiple questions that are relevant to connect the past & the present. Our goal is to provide an introductory text that visitors can use and refer back to during their visit to the rest of the museum grounds. The texts will consist of a historical framework starting with the early history of Warffum and the surrounding area and leading up to the 19th century, which is represented by the museum grounds itself. With a compelling story and questions relevant to life both in the 19th century as well as today we want to excite the visitors before they enter the other buildings and learn about the past.

The introduction will take place in two rooms. The first room will consist of a general history till 1800 of the Hoogeland region as well as the Warffum Wierde, and a visual exhibit will show the Wierde changing over time. In the second room we will focus upon life in the 19th century, with each of the buildings being represented by an adult and a child as well as some basic objects to put the visitors in mind of their daily lives. This is so that we can cater the exhibit to people of all ages. A compelling text coupled with questions that represent both current day as well as past issues to peak the interest of the visitors as they make their way across the rest of the museum.

Last modified:07 March 2023 2.55 p.m.