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Latinos in the Netherlands


We are Tereza Dražanová and Annetje Gleichman. In collaboration with Margarita González and her foundation Stichting Empower Yourself (, we are working on a project called “Latinos in the Netherlands”. As it may already stand clear from its name, this project is mainly concerned with helping the Latin-American community living in the Netherlands.

Born in Chile, Margarita emigrated to the Netherlands in the summer of 1992. Thanks to her long personal process of integration in the Netherlands, she has a wide range of knowledge and understanding of the Dutch society. Among other things, Margarita pointed out that there is a significant lack of a lot of important information for Latin-American immigrants available in their native language. Therefore, we have decided to address and aim to solve this issue.

Annetje Gleichman
Annetje Gleichman
Tereza Dražanová
Tereza Dražanová

Within this project, we focus especially on the availability of information in Latin-American Spanish, language attitudes and other factors that may greatly influence the integration of the Latin-American immigrants into the Dutch society.

With the results of our research, we wish to collect data for Margarita's official proposal that is going to be submitted to the Dutch national government to, consequently, achieve more availability of information for Latin-American immigrants in their mother tongue.

Certainly, to successfully complete this research and make a real change, as many participants for the survey as possible are needed. Therefore, if you form a part of the Latin-American community in the Netherlands or you know someone who does, we would be more than grateful if you could fill in the following short questionnaire:

Best regards,

Annetje & Tereza

a.b.gleichman , t.drazanova

Stichting Empower Yourself
Stichting Empower Yourself
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