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The Omrop Fryslân Media Lab

We are thrilled to share the news of the successful completion of our collaborative journey with Omrop Fryslân! Over the past ten weeks, the Career Minor crew has been fully immersed in Omrop Fryslân, bringing our perspective and direct involvement to create a meaningful impact. Our advice for them is to establish a Media Lab; a permanent place where students and staff get the chance to work together in multi-disciplinary teams and learn from real-world experience.

Our main objective throughout this collaboration was to address our research question: How can Omrop Fryslân create a learning community for regional journalism within its corporate and cultural context while fostering reciprocal learning?

We stepped into the world of learning communities, didactical techniques, and journalistic innovation to find out what Omrop Fryslân could do best. We are proud to report that, as a team, we worked hard to conduct numerous interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, and feedback sessions to provide valuable thoroughly investigated insights and practical solutions to this challenge.

With the help and input of various participants, including students and professionals, we managed to create in-depth advice for Omrop Fryslân, including a step-by-step plan on how to make the media lab a reality. This way we hope to set an example of how companies and students can collaborate and learn from each other in the future!

We would like to thank our supervisors; Jaring de Groot, Sipke de Hoop, Vincent Hazelhoff and the Omrop Fryslân staff for contributing to this project and offering us the opportunity to learn new skills and develop ourselves professionally while making a real impact on the future of the broadcaster.

Ana, Demy, Bianca and Stella at the talkshow table of Omrop Fryslân
Ana, Demy, Bianca and Stella at the talkshow table of Omrop Fryslân
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