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Consumer buying behavior and the role of Dutch tailors

We’re Kate (BA International Relations), Ornella (BA International Relations), and Marcus (BA Arts, Culture, Media), part of the Career Minor at the Faculty of Arts. We are currently trying to answer the question ‘What role can Dutch tailors and seamstresses play in changing the attitudes and manner that consumers buy and view clothes?'

The projectteam
The projectteam with three members of the BMA-Noord

We’re currently working on this project in collaboration with the Branchevereniging Mode Ambachten Noord (BMA-Noord). The BMA is a collective of fashion-makers with the goal of sustaining traditional techniques, sharing knowledge, promoting entrepreneurship, and saving the environment by producing one handcrafted item at a time. Basically, local tailors are making unique items from local materials for their community. We were asked to do this research and provide some insights into how local tailors can compete with larger brands in the current changing market. COVID-19 has provided us with a really unique opportunity to explore this question as consumers attitudes have shifted from sourcing products from a globalized source, to a more local source. Furthermore, studies conducted by ABN Amro have shown that Dutch consumers are willing to pay (slightly) higher prices for sustainable, high quality goods.

We’re currently writing a strategy document for the organisation where we compile all their information, our research, and recommendations to present to the BMA in January. In doing this research, we hope to provide the BMA with some tools to set themselves apart in the era of sustainability.

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