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Cultural engagement in Het Hogeland

We are an international team of four, all students at the University of Groningen. The project that we are doing in conjunction with the Municipality of Het Hogeland has the aim to tackle barriers to cultural engagement and provide a better understanding of what young adults (specifically those aged 18-22 years old) need in order for them to feel comfortable when engaging in culture.

From left to right: Roos Gielen, Joren Arkes, Stefan Ivanov, Ydwer Hoekstra.
From left to right: Roos Gielen, Joren Arkes, Stefan Ivanov, Ydwer Hoekstra.

We have a broad understanding of culture and we also favor non-traditional forms of art (i.e. sharing an image or video on Instagram or filming a TikTok). Although normally these activities are not considered as ‘culture’ in a traditional sense, they are still part of the nuanced and colorful way, in which young people engage in activities that contribute or enhance the aesthetic, artistic, intellectual, or historic aspirations they have.

We have conducted our research through a literature study, a survey amongst young inhabitants of Het Hogeland, a content analysis of the policy documents of cultural organisations and a focus group meeting. Now we are in the middle of finishing our reports. In February 2021 you can find a short Dutch version for a broad audience and a longer English scientific report here on this website.

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