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Society/business Center for Information Technology Research and Innovation Support Virtual Reality and Visualisation



Scientific publications

Yearly we ask the users of the HPC/V facilities what publications they had, in which our equipment played an important role. The scope of subjects is very broad, rangeing from quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, monto carlo calculations, handwriting recognition, astronomy, genetics, biofysics, pharmacy to organisational science. »


HPC/V in the media

Because of its unique facilities, the center for High Performance Computing and Visualisation plays an important role in the public relations activities of the university of Groningen. Quite often it is mentioned in dutch newspapers and magazines or featured in movies or on television. »



The centrum for High Performance Computing and Visualisation produces background information about many subjects. This includes manuals about softwaren or hardware. Some of these are a bit old, but some people still request these. »

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