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12 May 2022: XR HUB meets SURF-XR-on-Tour

08 April 2022

The next XR Hub meeting on 12 May will be in a hybrid form. You can experience the presentations live in the (very spacious) Donald Smits room or online via calender/Meet. If you register you will be invited by calendar and you can indicate whether you are attending or online. After the presentations, the demos are in the XR lab, but you can also physically come to the xr Lab at a quieter time between 12-15 pm to do the demos.


The XR Hub organizes a (virtual) meeting every two months to share knowledge and experiences about the development and use of applications of Extended Reality (augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), virtual reality (VR) and 3D).


10.30-12.00 Donald Smits room / online by calender/Meet

  • Welkom and intro
  • News from Team Visualization out XR-Lab and 3D Theater
  • Presentation from Bart Lestestuiver (University Medical Center Groningen, Psychiatry): Building Bounce Back
    Stress-resilience is important in many settings. For example, to ensure durable employability of healthcare professionals, or to improve the outcome of psychiatric disease by decreasing the vulnerability to daily stressors that could otherwise cause a relapse. A VR stress-resilience intervention, named Bounce Back (BB), has been developed, consisting of a stress-inducing VR scenario, in which users learn to apply stress-management techniques and control their stress response. The stress respons and impact of the scenario is measured through questionnaires, HRV and skin conductance monitoring and cortisol swabs.
  • Presentation from André Rosendaal ( Faculty of Arts, Culture and Media): Cinematograph
    Experimental media archaeology is a hands-on approach implemented at the Film Archive & Media Archaeology Lab, of the University of Groningen. In addition to the physical devices in the archive, a 3D model has been developed of one of the most iconic devices in film history, the Lumière Cinematograph. You can view the model, including animations of the internal mechanism, on a zSpace.
SURF-XR-on-tour: Varjo XR 3D glasses
  • Presentation Mark Cole and Paul Melis, SURF-XR-on-tour
    The SURF XR-on-Tour team will demonstrate a variety of XR, AR & VR technologies, with a mix of consumer and high-end enterprise-grade hardware. This will also be an opportunity to experience and be inspired by example environments developed by other member institutions. Participants will be asked to envisage how immersive technologies may be applied to their own fields of research and education.
  • Demo's Building Bounce Back, Cinematograph and SURF-XR-on-tour in XR-Lab and 3D Theater

12:00 - 15:00 XR Lab and 3D Theater
Demo's Building Bounce Back, Cinematograph, SURF-XR-on-tour and on request all our vr-demo's (Egg. virtual Kindergarten, PleitVRij...)

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