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Society/business Center for Information Technology Research and Innovation Support Virtual Reality and Visualisation

XR Hub

Sharing knowledge about augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality and 3D

The XR Hub at the University of Groningen was launched in 2016 to share knowledge in the field of Extended Reality (XR). Extended reality (XR) is the umbrella term for augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), virtual reality (VR) and 3D.

XR in education and research

The use of these technologies is increasing in education and research. Designing situations with XR is both conceptually and technically complex, the XR Hub offers the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences about the development and use of XR applications. All faculties and the UMCG are represented in the XR Hub.

Meeting XR Hub

Once every two months the XR Hub organizes a (virtual) meeting. The program includes:

  • presentations and demos of applications in education and research
  • updates of current projects
  • subsidy opportunities for the development of XR applications
  • exchanging experiences about deployment, logistics, hardware and usage concepts of XR

Usually there are 15 to 25 participants, in addition the members of the Visualization team are also present.

Do you want to stay informed about the activities of the XR Hub? Send an email to realitycenter and you will receive an invitation via the UG Calendar.

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