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Scientific proposal (NS202)


During the second year (for about 4 months in the middle of the year) of the Top Master Programme in Nanoscience, the student will write a research proposal. A kick-off meeting for this course unit will be scheduled in the roster near the end of October in the 2nd year. 6 ECTS (intended study load of 6x28 = 168 hours) are rewarded for the scientific proposal. Note: if you work on it for 10 hours per week, you should work on it for 4 months in parallel with your other work

All learning objectives, the course coordinator, assesments and the time schedule can be found on Ocasys, all additional information can be found on this page.

The aims of this part of the curriculum include:

  • learning to write a research proposal, and 'selling' it to funding agencies;
  • planning a research project, taking relevance, feasibility and novelty into account.

To make this as real as possible, the proposal should comply with the requirements as set by the course coordinator based on the requirements for i.e. 'FOM projectruimtevoorstellen'. The topic can be a PhD research project you wish to carry out yourself, one to be carried out by someone else, or a 'hypothetical' one. Examples of PhD proposals written by past students can be found here.

Normally, the supervisor for your Master Thesis will also be responsible for guiding you with the research proposal. However, in case the topic chosen by you is outside your supervisor's field of expertise, he/she may delegate this task to someone else, provided that the NS202 course coordinator (Jan Anton Koster) is notified in advance.

For proposing a grade to the coordinator, the supervisor must use the assessment form. To make sure that the marks given to the various scientific proposals are comparable, the final mark will be assigned by Dr. Jan Anton Koster, based on the recommendation by the supervisor.  

Time schedule students

For meeting the grading deadline (see below) students must give a final copy of their proposal to their supervisor at the latest one week earlier. Please make a clear agreement on this well before the deadline already, since many supervisors often travel to conferences.

The students must send a pdf of the final copy of the proposal to the NS202 coordinator Jan Anton Koster ( This must be done at the same moment that the final version is given to the supervisor for grading.


The supervisor proposes a grade using the assessment form. The supervisor must make a pdf scan of the signed form, and e-mail it to the NS202 coordinator Jan Anton Koster ( [do not mail it to the ESC] before the grading deadline. The NS202 coordinator will moderate and define the final grade after a comparative check, and send the grades to the administration. For more information about the deadline, see Ocasys.


Here you can find the archive of the scientific proposals written by former Nanoscience Top Master students from cohort 2003-2005 onwards.

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