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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Education Top Master Program in Nanoscience

Curriculum outline

The Top Master programme in Nanoscience has a two-year curriculum (equivalent to 120 ECTS). New students can commence with the programme once each year, around 1 September. For a good overview, we present the two-year curriculum at a glance in this pdf-document. In short, the first year starts with lectures, self study, and exercises. The second year is mainly focussed on the master thesis project.

These are the main elements of the curriculum:

Below, an overview of year 1 and year 2 is provided.

Overview of the whole programme in Ocasys: Master's degree programme Nanoscience

The number between brackets indicates the number of acquired ECTS per course unit from 2020-2021.

Year 1
Semester 1 Semester II
Period Ia wk 1-5 Period Ia wk 6-10 Period Ib wk 11-22 Period IIa wk 23-32 Period IIb wk 33-43
Guided Self-study in Nanoscience (6) Preparation of Nanomaterials and Devices (10) Review Paper (6)
Characterization of Nanomaterials and Devices (8) Small Research Project and Symposium (13)
Fundamental and Functional Properties of Nanomaterials and Devices (11) Electives, see above

Year 2
Semester I Semester II
Period I a wk 1-10 Period I b wk 11-22 Period II a wk 23-32 Period II b wk 33-43

Master Thesis (45)

PhD Research Proposal (6)

Electives, see above

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