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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute Coastal Resilience Research Group

Student research projects


For a number of years now the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen, has focused one of the themes for their Bachelor thesis projects specifically to the Wadden Sea area. As a result, several Bachelor thesis exploring key issues surrounding the Wadden Sea have been written.

The reasons for the Bachelor projects to be focused on the Wadden Sea theme are twofold: first, in terms of the content, the theme offers a variety of topics on the intersection of ecology and human behavior, it is easily accessible, and thus very suitable for student research.

Second, the more practical reason is the annual trilateral students research workshop that the universities of Groningen, Oldenburg and Bremen organize. During that workshop, selected students from all three universities get an opportunity to present and discuss their work. In order to have fruitful discussions a common theme is chosen. And what is more obvious than choosing a theme that is related to the region where the three universities are located. Starting from 2013 the workshop was extended with a common research project, where students of the three universities work closely together. The workshop is not restricted to Bachelor level students, also a number of Master students, with a thesis which relate to the general theme of the workshop, are invited.

One this page, you will find a selection of some of the Bachelor theses with particularly interesting research ideas or results which we decided to make available to the wider public. Be aware, however, that these theses have had an educational purpose, and do not automatically meet the standards that are applicable to professional scientific and peer-reviewed publications. In that sense, it can best be viewed as ‘work in progress’.

From the study year 2012-2013 we selected the following theses:

Myrthe Leijstra: ‘Is coastal tourism ready for the next generation’. This thesis focuses on the impact of income from tourism for the local economy and uses Landal park Esonstad near Lauwersmeer as a case-study.

Wessel van Vliet: ‘Duister toerisme op de Friese Wadden?’. In Dutch. Over het gebruik van militair erfgoed in het toeristisch product, en in het bijzonder over de vraag waarom er tot nu toe zo weinig gebruik van gemaakt is.

Neeltje Westra: ‘Blijven ze op Terschelling of zullen ze het eiland verlaten?’. In Dutch. Over de plaatsverbondenheid van jongeren op Terschelling.

Titia Leutscher: ‘Is the tourism industry in the Wadden area aware of and adapting to the possible effects of climate change? ‘. Comparing the situation in Lauwersmeer and in Greetsiel.

Tjibbe Hartholt: ‘Wind energy and tourism’. Focuses on whether wind turbines have a negative influence on tourism industry. The thesis compares the areas of Harlingen-Makkum-Bolswart and Greetsiel.

Anne Boer: ‘Beelden van Terschelling’. In Dutch. Over de ‘destination image’ van Terschelling.

Loes Dragt: ‘The impacts of the RWE coal plant in the Eemshaven on tourism on Borkum’.

Relevant student research related to resilience:

Below is a selection of relevant student research focusing on to following resilience-related topics / keywords: self-organization; self-governance; adaptive capacities; adaptive governance; flood resilience; community resilience; climate adaptation; citizen initiatives and new collectives in planning for vulnerable places; resilient energy landscapes.


Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning: 2014
Knipping, Abel
Adapting Cities to Climate Change; the implementation of green roof infrastrutures

Smink, L.W.
Perceptions on the impact of climate change and natural disasters. A pilot study among citizens in the urban area of Groningen

Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning: 2015
Sleen, Gerald Marcel van der
Ruimte voor de rivier, ruimte voor de burger?

Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning: 2016
Ekkelkamp, G.J.
Burgerinitiatieven en overheden

Groot, S. de
Development of coastal chars in Bangladesh: Are the adaptation policies in coastal Bangladesh sustainable?

Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning: 2017
Hofman, D.
Een zonnige samenwerking in Groningen

Jong, R. de
De faciliterende overheid: een onderzoek naar verschillen tussen stedelijke en niet-stedelijke gemeenten in de facilitering van initiatieven omtrent zonne-energie

Spatial Planning & Design: 2014
Beerta, R.
Between resilience and resistance, a comparative study into the flood coping capability of Amsterdam and Bratislava

Koster, J.T.
Flood Resilience In de complexe praktijk van het ontwikkelingsproces

Spatial Planning & Design: 2015
Kammen, F. van
Resilience van landschapsveranderingen in de Drentse esdorpen Beilen en Gieten

Koning, J
Klaar voor Klimaat

Sissingh, J.U.
Het Eiland van Dordrecht: De rol van private stakeholders in flood resilience.

Visser, J.A
De invloed van overstromingsrisicozonering op de integratie van de water sector

Woerd, C.H. van der
Bevolking en overheid samen voor scenario's

Spatial Planning & Design: 2016
Alberda van Ekenstein, Koos
Omgevingswet onverenigbaar met rivierenbeleid?

Boomsma, Y. D.
Green Roof Motives: Assessing the Drivers in Green Roof Adoption

Goot, N.A.H. van der
De energietransitie voortgezet met de nieuwe omgevingswet.

Grond, T.
Watermerk van het waterschap. Over het bestaansrecht van waterschappen na invoering van de Omgevingswet.

Veen, H.T. van der
Omgevingswet: storm in een glas water?

Zomerdijk, T
De aanpak van hittestress met behulp van stedelijk groen in de binnenstad van Groningen

Spatial Planning & Design: 2017
Bouwman, Y. R.
Flood resilience in Amsterdam

Herwig, A
Flood risk perception: a case study in Dordrecht

Koedijk, H.L.M.
The IJssel: still the enemy or a new friend? The effect of a Room for the River project on the risk perception of people living in the IJsseldelta: Zwolle and Kampen

Lammers, E
Overstromingsrisico's in Groningen

Rommelse, M.C.
Initiatives Fostering Sustainable Drainage Systems in Cities: a comparison between Amsterdam Rainproof and Water Sensitive Rotterdam

Van Schoot, F.H.E.
Cooperation in flood risk management


Environmental & Infrastructure Planning: 2014
Gooley, Kevin
The Resiliency Web - How social-ecological resiliency networks can foster environmental justice in natural disasters

Taqia, Iis Maisar
Attitudes towards Adaptive Governance of Social Ecological Systems Case Study: Integrating Green Open Space Provision in Tangerang Municipality, Indonesia

Zegers, L.
Waterschappen in een veranderende stroming

Environmental & Infrastructure Planning: 2015
Ahmad Zaki, Zulkifli
Resilience: Theory to Practice. An Assessment Framework for Flood Resilience of City. Case Study: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Biber, Jonathan
The Governance Capacity of Southeast Florida to Adapt to Sea Level Rise

Eijk, M. van
Region-based adaptive capacity; Case study research about the role of adaptive capacities of regional authorities in enhancing the resilience of the Ems Dollard estuary

Fischer, Heiko
The relationship between the characteristics of a municipal climate change mitigation program and the motivation of participating SMEs on the example of Hamburg’s ‘Umwelt Partner’

Geet, M. van
The Governance of Local Climate Adaptation; Defining governance arrangements to steer effective flash flood adaptation in Arnhem.

Juárez López, Francisco Mariano
Flood impact analysis using Geographic Information Systems: A case study, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Kügler, F.
Towards Flood Resilient Cities - Assessing the Adaptive Capacity of Water Safety Institutions in Bremen and Hamburg (Germany)"

Leijstra, M.L.
Developing Floating Communities: A comparative research to examine flood resilience in cities, considered from an institutional capacity approach

Navarrete, A.; Armando, A.
Bottom-Up Climate Change Adaptation approaches: a solution for a dilemma?

Pronk, R.W.
Citizen Participation and Social Capacity Building for a Flood Resilient Rotterdam

Environmental & Infrastructure Planning: 2016
Boekenoogen, A.K.
Ecosystem Services in the city

Illescas, Edgar
Cascading disasters: Earthquakes, floods and Groningen – A community resilience analysis

Knauf, Jakob
Planning heat sensitive cities: an approach towards sustainable energy systems

Nolte, J. Lennard
A preliminary flash flood risk assessment for low-lying regions based on local expert knowledge: the case of the city of Emden, Northern Germany

Schultink, Marc
Towards more resilient urban environments

Wiegman, J.C.
Self Governance in the city: The role of citizen initiatives in organic area development

Environmental & Infrastructure Planning: 2017
Campanella, M.
Flood Risk Management Directive Impacts Over Traditional Flood Risk Management Approaches: The Case Study of Liguria

Kuhlmann, A.C.
Sustainable Urban Water Management in Germany - Evaluation of micro-transitions and discussion of their upscaling

Kuipers, Harold
Adaptive Delta Management

Martens, Mike
The role of 'Building with Nature' in water management – theoretical aspiration and practical implementation of the new approach

Remmel, Ariane
Coastal tourism in Cape Town, South Africa - Integrated Coastal Zone Management as an approach to increase resilience of the coastal zone

Vergeer, S.
Flood Risk Adaptation Measures on the Wastewater System

Socio-Spatial Planning: 2014
Myles, M.
Zelfbeheer door bewoners van groene publieke ruimte

Socio-Spatial Planning: 2015
Kamstra, M.
Aiming for resilience: Enhancing citizen involvement in flood risk management with social capital - A Hamburg and London case study

Minnema, E.H.
Post-postmodern Disaster Management? Filosofische kritiek op de postmoderniteit, vertaald naar disaster management.

Socio-Spatial Planning: 2017
Lestestuiver, G.H.
Klimaat voor verandering: Een Grounded Theory studie naar de factoren die van invloed zijn op de vorming van klimaatbeleid bij regionale en lokale overheden in Noord-Nederland

N.L. de Rooij
Lokale hernieuwbare energie als leidraad voor behalen klimaatdoelstellingen? Een onderzoek naar slagingsfactoren van en kansen voor bottom-up initiatieven voor hernieuwbare energie.

van der Sleen, Gerald
Citizen participation and influence in spatial decision-making

Research Master Regional Studies: 2014
Hasanov, Mustafa
Urban self-organisation? What is it? Transitions in participatory thinking. Empirical evidence from Sofia, Bulgaria

Song, T.
Participation through dialogue : Understanding governance processes of three ‘co-creation’ projects in the Netherlands based on communicative planning theory

Ubels, ir. H
Communicative interventions and perceived socio-spatial resilience of area development processes over time: Dutch case-studies of Midden Delfland, Nieuw Balinge and Delfzijl-Noord

Research Master Regional Studies: 2015
Du, Dexter Junju
Complexity and transition: adaptive planning for the Dutch delta region

Research Master Regional Studies: 2017
Laeni, N.
Framing Resilience in Bangkok Flood Risk Management

Cultural Geography: 2017
Tijmens, L.
Leefbaarheid en burgerparticipatie

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