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Sustainable place-shaping: what, why and how? Findings of the SUSPLACE program

Date:11 October 2019
Author:Prof. Ina Horlings

SUSPLACE, the acronym for SUStainable PLACE-shaping, is a European Marie Curie (ITN) funding scheme for Innovative Training Networks funded by the European Commission. The overall aim of SUSPLACE was “to train Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in innovative,...

Matthew Quinn at the URSI lecture

Wales, an experiment in governance for sustainability and well-being

Date:28 May 2018

Matthew Quinn (Sustainable Places Research Institute at Cardiff University, Distinguished Visiting Fellow) URSI lunch seminar, Tuesday May 22, 2018

Prof. Maarten Hajer

Planning as futuring

Date:29 March 2018

You can be interested in planning, but if you want to know how it works, you should just be at the tops of politics. This is how prof. Maarten Hajer, a prof by a special appointment at Utrecht University, started his speech. Making planning great again,...