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Dr. Stephen Adaawen in Brussels

Expert Briefing: African Perspectives on Migration to the EU

Date:11 November 2019

The expert briefings were held in Brussels and Berlin from the 15 – 18 October 2019. The briefings, organized under the auspices of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and MEP Birgit Sippel (S&D Group) in the European Parliament, sought to solicit and highlight...

Susplace logo

Sustainable place-shaping: what, why and how? Findings of the SUSPLACE program

Date:11 October 2019
Author:Prof. Ina Horlings

SUSPLACE, the acronym for SUStainable PLACE-shaping, is a European Marie Curie (ITN) funding scheme for Innovative Training Networks funded by the European Commission. The overall aim of SUSPLACE was “to train Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in innovative, interdisciplinary...

In Lagos, people say traffic because it seems there is almost no difference between normal traffic and traffic jams, since it is so busy. Always.

Lagos, Nigeria; ‘’Traffic, traffic, traffic. There is always traffic.’’

Date:23 September 2019
Author:Stefano Blezer

In June 2019, I participated in the #CoCreateMyCity Lagos project in which 15 Dutch master students collaborated with 15 Nigerian students in an interdisciplinary and multicultural setting to address five challenges the city is facing: A fresh fish supply chain,...

Beeld van Cornelis Lely op de Afsluitdijk (Foto: Rijkswaterstaat)

In Holwerd aan Zee is de nieuwe Lely opgestaan

Date:07 May 2019
Author:Tialda Haartsen
Al vanaf 2013 hoorde ik regelmatig over dit innovatieve plan. En net als eerder werd ik opnieuw laaiend enthousiast. In de eerste plaats omdat het nieuwe levendigheid en ontwikkelkansen voor het krimpende Holwerd kan opleveren. Maar vooral omdat Holwerd aan Zee het indrukwekkendste bottom up burgerinitiatief is dat ik ken.
Young Rural Stayers

Impact award 2019: Research communication about young regional stayers

Date:07 March 2019
Author:Eva Maersk

In recent years Europe has seen an increase in research grants which requires societal impact and research communication in the applications for funding. The ACCOMPLISSH-project under Sustainable Society at University of Groningen has been the number one place...

Berlin Food Policy Council

Food Democracy and the Berlin Food Policy Council

Date:12 November 2018
Author:Stephen Leitheiser

Citizen-led Food Policy Councils (FPCs, called an Ernährungsrat in Germany) have been long-standing in the United States and Canada.  But, in recent years Europe has seen an increasing emergence of food initiatives seeking transformative political change in...

Aan adviezen over eten en gezondheid geen gebrek

Gezondheid vs geluk, waar ligt de norm?

Date:12 October 2018
Author:Sanne Visser

‘Weet wat je eet’, ‘elk pondje gaat door het mondje’ en ‘doe gezond eet een appel’. Aan adviezen over eten en gezondheid geen gebrek. Het debat over voeding en gezondheid wordt over het algemeen ingegeven door wat acceptabel en verantwoordelijk is en wat niet...

The Noorderplantsoen park in Groningen as an important space of encounter, image by Roberta Rutigliano

Everyday places of belonging

Date:10 October 2018
Author:Rik Huizinga

“Did you see my neighbour? He is always sitting in front of this door. He is so nice, because he always asks me how I feel and if I need something (…) my mother doesn’t speak English or Dutch, but he always greets her or waves at her. I like that, that is very...

50 years of Spatial Planning in Groningen

50 years of Spatial Planning – a summary

Date:19 July 2018
Author:Imre Veen

50 years ago, on the 2nd of July 1968, prof. G.J. van den Berg was appointed at the RU Groningen to lecture ‘Planning & Demography’. Van den Berg's immediate interest was Spatial Planning. His appointment marks the beginning of fifty years of development, which...

Hans Mommaas at the Planologielezing

‘Planners of the world unite!'

Date:28 May 2018
Author:Brandt de Vries

Public spatial planning lecture by Hans Mommaas, general director of the PBL. Exploring possible futures, about the promising role of planning and design in times of transition - 18th of May 2018

Matthew Quinn at the URSI lecture

Wales, an experiment in governance for sustainability and well-being

Date:28 May 2018

Matthew Quinn (Sustainable Places Research Institute at Cardiff University, Distinguished Visiting Fellow) URSI lunch seminar, Tuesday May 22, 2018

The 12th Young Academics Conference of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP)

Young Academics AESOP Conference 2018 at the University of Groningen

Date:18 April 2018
Author:Steven Forrest

The 12th Young Academics Conference of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) was successfully hosted at the University of Groningen from the 26th-29th March 2018. The international conference is one of the largest gathering of young researchers...

Prof. Maarten Hajer

Planning as futuring

Date:29 March 2018

You can be interested in planning, but if you want to know how it works, you should just be at the tops of politics. This is how prof. Maarten Hajer, a prof by a special appointment at Utrecht University, started his speech. Making planning great again, and...

Kristof van Assche

Spatial Planning Lecture by Prof. Kristof van Assche

Date:09 March 2018
Author:Ciska Ulug

The reality effects of policy and planning
Despite attempts by policy makers and planners, there is always a discrepancy between what is laid out on paper and what is translated into reality. While the unrealistic expectations of this technical rational approach...


The FamilyTies project: Family ties, internal migration and immobility

Date:13 February 2018
Author:prof. Clara Mulder

Population geographers have played an important role in gaining understanding of migration patterns, processes and outcomes. However, despite a growing research attention to inter-generational care and geographical distances between family members, the role...

Steven teaching at the University of Tallinn

Resilience in Spatial Planning: Course delivered at Tallinn University

Date:12 December 2017
Author:Steven Forrest and Elen-Maarja Trell

Dr Elen-Maarja Trell and Steven Forrest travelled to Tallinn University (Estonia) to deliver a two day course on resilience. The course was an ‘Introduction to Resilience in Spatial Planning’ and involved approximately 40 students from Tallinn University’s...

Ferenc van Damme

Eliminate the citizen?

Date:29 November 2017
Author:Thai Van Quoc Nguyen

A glance at Ferenc van Damme’s punny title for his presentation suggests a resemblance to the Canadian thinker Marshall McLuhan’s antimodernist exclamation: ‘Our only hope is apocalypse’. Intellectual preferences aside, one could not help but ask about the...


A sustainable network: 10 years of collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat

Date:28 November 2017

Last Wednesday (November 22, 2017), the Symposium ‘Sustainable Networks’ (in Dutch: Duurzame Netwerken) was organised by the Department of Spatial Planning & Environment to celebrate the 10 year collaboration between the department and the Rijkswaterstaat agency,...

Planning lecture prof. Jeekel

Rethinking Car Dependence: Public Spatial Planning Lecture by Hans Jeekel

Date:27 November 2017

Municipalities that strive for sustainability simultaneously plan highly mono-functional areas that create a high degree of car dependency. In a church (Doopsgezinde Kerk) filled to the brim with students and staff of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, professor...

cultural magnets in the landscape

The image of a place

Date:24 November 2017
Author:L.G. Horlings

This inspiring event was organized in ‘Holwerd at sea’ by the Knowledge Network Northern Space and the national knowledge institute cultural education and amateur art. More than 140 people attended the event.

Housing wealth inequality has increased

Planners, problematize housing wealth inequality!

Date:17 November 2017

Especially in countries that have carried-out (neo-)liberal housing policies in the last decades, housing wealth inequality has increased. This is a rather shocking conclusion, since wealth accumulation is one of the main policy objective of homeownership stimulation...

The Virtual and the Real in Planning and Urban Design: Perspectives, Practices and Applications

Book: The Virtual and the Real in Planning and Urban Design

Date:16 October 2017
Author:Claudia Yamu, Alenka Poplin, Oswald Devisch and Gert de Roo

The Virtual and the Real in Planning and Urban Design: Perspectives, Practices and Applications explores the merging relationship between physical and virtual spaces in planning and urban design. Technological advances such as smart sensors, interactive screens,...

SUSPLACE Autumn School

SUSPLACE Autumn School, Aveiro, Portugal October 2-6

Date:09 October 2017
Author:Nienke Busscher

From 2 till 6 October the SUSPLACE Autumn School ‘Shaping Places Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries’ took place in Aveiro, Portugal. SUSPLACE is a Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Network funded by the European Commission (see www.sustainableplaceshaping...

Governing for Resilience in Vulnerable Places

“Governing for Resilience in Vulnerable Places”*: a new book by Elen-Maarja Trell, Britta Restemeyer, Melanie Bakema, Bettina van Hoven

Date:06 October 2017
Author:Elen-Maarja Trell, Britta Restemeyer, Melanie M. Bakema, Bettina van Hoven

The city as frontier space

Who owns the city?

Date:12 September 2017
Author:L.G. Horlings

In June 2017 Prof. Saskia Sassen gave a presentation in Dublin during the annual conference of the Regional Studies Association. She talked about ‘extreme cities’ and applied an approach of what she termed as analytics tactics to destabilize stable meanings...

Trinity College in Dublin

The Great Regional Awakening: New directions

Date:12 September 2017
Author:L.G. Horlings

From 4-7 June the yearly annual conference of the Regional Studies Association took place entitled 'The Great Regional Awakening'. The location, Trinity College is an historical location in the heart of Dublin. Hereby a summary of some interesting key-notes...