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Research Study Centre for Children, Migration and Law Scientific Research

Legal Research

The legal research will focus on the following themes during the coming years:

  • Legal effects in asylum and immigration law case-law and in decision-making procedures.
    This research project focuses on the effects of the pro justitia reports on the asylum and immigration law and regulations. On the basis of judicial decisions and the grounds of appeal drafted by lawyer representatives, we examine how the district court and the Administrative Appeal Court - the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State - respond to the reports presented by the lawyer representatives. In addition, we examine the administrative decision-making procedures during the first, and possibly the second instance, as well as the effects of the pro justitia reports on the various asylum and immigration procedures.
  • Examination of the BIC-model in asylum and immigration procedures.
    This study focuses on how ‘the best interest of the child’ can be determined according to the BIC-model in the various asylum and immigration procedures. This study also focuses on the stages in these procedures in which the BIC determination can be processed. Both the implementation of the BIC determination (by means of the BIC-model) in legislation as well as in the administration is examined.
  • Legal translation of pro justitia reports.
    In this study we analyse whether the behavioural conclusions are legally well-founded and thereupon whether they can either be improved or complemented. We also want to develop a legal manual with instructions on how to employ the pro justitia reports in legal proceedings.
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