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Medieval History


In the first year of the Bachelor-study the student of history in the maior-study gets a survey of the medieval history of Europe (and the adjoining parts of Asia (Minor)). Furthermore the medieval period is part of the classes in Dutch History. In the high years it is possible to specialize by choosing a medieval topic within the thematic classes. Next to this, several minors have medieval components, like The Mediterranean World, Non-Western History (third World approaches) and Arctic Studies. But it is also possible to choose a minor with the languages, where the literature of the medieval period is a component. Next to this especially to deepen the knowledge and to broaden the special skills needed for further specialisation, a minor Medieval and Renaissance Studies (MRS) has been developed. In this minor the interdisciplinary approach is introduced, and the possibility exists to start developing knowledge and experience in the fields of Palaeography and Medieval primary sources.

Through this last minor, and the Bachelor thesis, every student may qualify for admission to the Master-study.


Within the Master-study of history it is possible to give a medieval content to the thematic streams, which are the basic structure of the Master-study. The same is true for the Educational Master, partly due to the fact that the medieval period has a renewed interest in history teaching at secondary schools.

The real specialisation, however, takes place in the Research-Master-study. At Groningen University this is part of the two-years Researchmaster Classical Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS). In this master both a profile in Medieval History and a profile in interdisciplinary Medieval Studies are possible. Within the two profiles several modules are taught in classes, next to different types of individual specialisation through so-called tutorials. These tutorials offer the student an opportunity to join research-projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Also, it is possible to take part in the activities of the national Research School Medieval Studies, and in doing this to acquire knowledge and experience that are important if one intends to continue in research (especially writing a PhD-thesis).

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