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Title of the Thesis (Dissertations) Year UB-link
Marije Boesjes Novel insights into FXR actions in liver and intestine 2015 Thesis
Genoveva Maurien Mirella Pruis Towards the mechanism of early-life programming: Consequences of a maternal western diet 2015 Thesis
Nanda Gruben Revisiting the roles of hepatic inflammation and adipokines in metabolic disease 2015 Thesis
Fareeba Sheedfar Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: understanding the role of aging, fatty acid transport and epigenetics 2015 Thesis

Andrea Schreuder

Diagnosis and Treatment of Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia

2014 Thesis

Franciscus AJA Bodewes

Cystic fibrosis liver disease and the enterohepatic circulation of bile acids

2014 Thesis

Gijs den Besten

Elucidating the mechanisms of action of short-chain fatty acids: From dietary fiber to host metabolism

2014 Thesis

Kees Meijer

Metabolic inflammation: mechanistic views and preventive nutritional strategies

2014 Thesis

Nienke Volker-Touw

MCAD deficiency: To be, or not to be at risk

2014 Thesis

Annemarie Oosting

Programming of adult metabolic health by dietary lipids in early life

2014 Thesis

Carolien Out

Gut microbiota and nuclear receptors in bile acid and lipid metabolism: bile acids, more than soaps

2014 Thesis
Wijtske Annema

Understanding HDL function: studies in preclinical models and patients

2013 Thesis
Jan Freark de Boer

Novel insights into the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome-related disease

2013 Thesis
Mariëtte van der Wulp

Towards novel strategies to improve lipid homeostasis - targeting the intestine

2012 Thesis
Margot Fijlstra

Nutrient digestion and absorption during chemotherapy-induced intestinal muscositis in the rat

2012 Thesis
Hester van Meer

Fetal and neonatal environment: effects on bile acid and lipid metabolism

2012 Thesis
Anke Laskewitz

Getting grip on glucocorticoid-induced metabolic derangements

2012 Thesis
Lisethe Meijer

Environmental pollutants : human levels, developmental toxicity and forced excretion



Annelies Stroeve

The role of the farnesoid X receptor in metabolic control



Willemien de Vries

Strategies to improve the outcome of biliary atresia : lessons from the Dutch national database



Marjan Wouthuyzen-Bakker

Cystic Fibrosis and the gastro-intestinal tract



Frans Cuperus

Novel treatment strategies for unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia



Sabina Lukovac

Essential fatty acid deficiency and the small intestine

2010 Thesis

Hilde Herrema

Interplay between glucose, fatty acid and bile salt metabolism in mouse models of fatty liver

2010 Thesis

Theo van Dijk

Computational analysis of carbohydrate metabolism : stable isotop techniques in small laboratory animals

2010 Thesis

Anniek Koolman

The role of the endocannabinoid system in the regulation of energy balance

2010 Thesis

Niels Nijstad

Novel insights into HDL function and metabolism

2010 Thesis

Maxi Meissner

Interventions in the metabolic syndrome: bile acid sequestration and exercise 2010 Thesis

Jaap Mulder

Towards treatment of cholestatic liver disease in children via interference with transcriptional regulation of hepatic transport systems 2009 Thesis

Marijke Schreurs

Regulatory enzymes of mitochondrial B-oxidation as targets for treatment of the metabolic syndrome 2009 Thesis

Maaike Oosterveer

Control of metabolic flux by nutrient sensors 2009 Thesis

Esther van Straten

Programming of lipid metabolism 2009 Thesis
Leonie Los

Intestinal Function in Cholestasis and Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency

2007 Thesis
Jelske N. van der Veen

Nuclear receptors in control of cholesterol transport

2007 Thesis

Terry GJ Derks

MCAD Deficiency, Clinical and laboratory studies

2007 Thesis

Yan Liu

Long-term consequences of neonatal glucocorticoid treatment

2007 Thesis

Aldo Grefhorst

Insulin sensitivity of hepatic glucose and lipid metabolism in animal models of hepatic steatosis

2006 Thesis
Wille Bakker -van Waarde

Bile salt and cholesterol metabolism in diabetes mellitus type 1

2006 Thesis
Janine Kruit

Emerging roles of the intestine in reverse cholestorol transport

2006 Thesis
Anja Hafkamp

Oral treatment of unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia

2006 Thesis
Miriam Bal Neonatal Glucocorticoid Treatment and Predisposition to Cardiovascular Disease in Rats 2006
Anniek Werner

Essential fatty acid absorption and metabolism in hepatic disorders


Tineke Kok

Regulation of hepatobiliary transport function by nuclear receptors

2004 Thesis
Robert Bandsma

Interactions between carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in metabolic disorders

2004 Thesis
Torsten Plösch

The ABC of cholesterol transport

2004 Thesis

Christian Hulzebos

The enterohepatic circulation of bile salts in health and disease : a kinetic approach

2004 Thesis

Baukje Elzinga

Effects of bile salts on hepatic lipoprotein production 2003 Thesis

Harma Koetse

Lactose digestion and maldigestion : measurement and clinical consequences 2003 Thesis

JanPeter Rake

Glycogen storage disease type I : clinical, biochemical and genetic aspects, and implications for treatment and follow-up (management of glycogen storage disease type I) 2003 Thesis

Ekkehard Sturm

Causes and consequences of cholestasis : nonparenchymal cells and nuclear receptors as regulators of hepatic gene expression in cholestatic liver disease 2003 Thesis

Coen Wiegman

Interactions between hepatic glucose and fat metabolism in animal models of insulin resistance 2002 Thesis

Jenny Ros

Expression and regulation of ABC transporter genes during liver regeneration 2002 Thesis

Arjen  Mensenkamp

The role of apolipoprotein E in the assembly and secretion of very low density lipoproteins 2001 Thesis

Peter Voshol

Physiological functions of biliary lipid secretion 2000 Thesis

Beatrijs Bartelds

Perinatal changes in myocardial metabolism in lambs 2000 Thesis

Guido Hooiveld

P-glycoproteins and hepatobiliary secretion : studies on cloning, function, and expression 2000 Thesis

Deanne Minich

Essential fatty acid absorption and metabolism 1999 Thesis

Mini Kalivianakis

Mechanisms involved in malabsorption of dietary lipids 1998 Thesis
Nynke Koopen Regulation of hepatic transport in experimental cholestasis 1998


Yuguang Lin Hepatic lipid metabolism and vldl secretion


Marjan Dijkstra Hepatobiliary transport of trace metals 1995


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