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Research Nieuwenhuis Institute for Educational Research Research Highlights

The Art of Education

The Art of Education [De Kunst van het Opvoeden] (EC).

This multimedia project, based on Dekker’s book Verlangen naar opvoeden [Educational Aspiration] on long-term educational developments, focuses on the general public. The book’s topics and sources - among them paintings and drawings - formed the start of the project with as members EC, NTR (Educational and Cultural Broadcasting Corporation), Dordrecht Museum, Museum Slot Zuylen (Utrecht) and Radio 5. The heart of the project consisted of eight television broadcasts on public channel NPO 3 in 2013 (May/June) on Thursday evening at prime time. Each broadcast was focused on an educational topic: childhood and the family, motherhood, educational ideals, power balance between parent and child, parental concern and children’s risks, going to school, play & toys and the new media, and father and son relationships. Each topic started with the presenter looking at a painting on the topic from the exhibition in the Dordrecht Museum. The viewer was then transferred from the historical representation of the topic to an actual educational dilemma related to the topic by showing a real educational setting and by comments on those dilemmas by educational experts, among them NI members Dekker (EC) and Batstra (SYY). There were also eight live broadcasts of one hour on Radio 5 on the same topic with an educational expert, among them Dekker, telling about the topic and speaking with listeners. Besides this, the Dordrecht Museum organised a successful exhibition with paintings on the subject, partly from its own collection and partly from museums abroad, among them the Louvre Museum, and mostly based on Dekker’s book. Museum Slot Zuylen organised an exhibition focused on childhood in the aristocracy and a book by J. Fila, J. J.H. Dekker & Y. Wildschut (De Kunst van het opvoeden. Zutphen: Walburg Pers, 2013) accompanied the project. This highlight shows the impact of a scholarly book on long term developments of education by becoming the foundation of a multimedia project reaching several hundred thousands of people and supplying them with knowledge on educational issues by comparing its representation in the past and its actual dilemmas.

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