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Research Nieuwenhuis Institute for Educational Research Research Highlights

Support programs for teachers: induction programs

Support programs for teachers: induction programs (PETL) develops support programs for beginning teachers based on randomized controlled trial studies and implements them in collaboration with other institutes for teacher education in 50% of all Dutch secondary schools. Central to these programs is the assumption that beginning teachers, not yet capable of conducting the job of teaching, are in need of slowly growing into the work. The programs consist of a mixture of observations and coaching, workload reduction, and support measures in schools. A free e-learning environment has been developed for teachers. The observations are conducted using a validated instrument that allows for coaching teachers in their zone of approximate development regarding their teaching skills (ICALT).

The current programs are now further developed by adding subject pedagogical support. Since 2017, this program is part of the Expertise Centre Subject Pedagogy North (Expertisecentrum Vakdidactiek Noord), under which name PETL organizes the professional development programs for secondary school teachers, school leaders and schools in the Northern provinces of the Netherlands.

Last modified:23 November 2018 11.50 a.m.