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Research Nieuwenhuis Institute for Educational Research Research Highlights

Success for All

Success for All (EE) is an R&D project run jointly by three school boards, the municipality of Groningen, Hanze Applied University, and the University of Groningen in which a school-wide program developed in the USA by R.E. Slavin and N. Madden, is adapted to the Dutch situation in order to improve the language development of children from socially disadvantaged families. The program is built on elements that have been proven to be effective (among others cooperative learning, 1-to-1 tutoring, regular monitoring, parental involvement, etc.). Partner investments sum up to 1.5 million Euro. Additionally, a grant was obtained in an NWO-NRO competition to assess effects of the differentiation components in the program at the students’ level in 60 classes from 10 schools, including control schools. The project funds three PhD students, who are writing their thesis on social aspects, special educational needs children, and parental educational support.

Last modified:16 November 2018 1.00 p.m.