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Research Nieuwenhuis Institute for Educational Research Research Highlights

ERC Starting Grant: Ghosts from the past (CAPE)

Ghosts from the past. Consequences of adolescent peer experiences across social contexts and generations (CAPE) (2017, ERC Starting Grant, Dr. T. Kretschmer (SYY).

This prestigious ERC grant illustrates the fruitful collaboration between our department, the Sociology department and the UMCG. Not much knowledge is available on adult social consequences of adolescent peer experiences – relationships with others a decade later. Informed by social learning and attachment theory, the project will tackle this gap by investigating adult social consequences of peer experiences and how these are transmitted to other social contexts and intergenerationally passed on to the next generation. To this end, longitudinal links between adolescent peer and young adult close relationships are examined qualitatively and quantitatively. Moreover, whether parents’ peer experiences affect offspring’s peer experiences is explored in an intergenerational, biosocial framework. Psychological functioning, parenting, temperament, genetic, and epigenetic transmission mechanisms are examined separately and in interplay, which significantly broadens the biosocially-oriented work on genetic effects in the peer context. To accomplish these objectives, CAPE utilizes data from the TRAILS cohort that so far has been followed from age 11 to 26. To study intergenerational transmission, the TRAILS NEXT sample of participants with children is substantially extended and will include a variety of measures on children’s social development, collected from teachers and parents, in interviews with children, and observationally using RFID networks during a children’s party. The intergenerational approach and provision for environmental, genetic, and epigenetic mediation put this project at the forefront of developmental research and equipped it with the potential to generate the knowledge needed to chase away the ghosts from the peer past.

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